Self Esteem

Seeking A Long Lasting Relationship Please

Dear Laura, Why am I not having any success attracting the “right” type of person to create a lasting relationship? When I do find someone and we are mutually attracted, he is not the type to enter a long term relationship. Lately I just don’t seem to be able to meet/attract anyone. Is this the ... Read more

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Holiday Guilt and Stress

Dear Laura, Every year for the holidays, I feel pulled in a million directions. My in-laws and my parents all expect us to make the rounds and visit them, the kids have school activities, we have work parties to attend, shopping, cooking, it just all gets to be too much! What I really want to ... Read more

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Why Are Some People Psychic And Others Not?

Dear Laura, Why are some people psychic and others not? –the morning walking club Dear MWC, The answer is simple. Balance. We need all kinds of folks on all different levels to help make the world go round. Think about it, why are some people artistic while others are not? Why are some folks great ... Read more

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Coping With A Partner’s PTSD

Dear Laura, My husband is diagnosed as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is on several medications. I find it hard to reconcile with his condition. I don’t feel it is right to make his condition the center stage of our lives. Have I been doing the right thing? Will he eventually get better? Thank ... Read more

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Dealing With An Abusive, Disrespectful Family

Dear Laura, I am having a huge problem with my family. My family is having problems taking me seriously and respecting my boundaries. I recently gave birth a few months ago and against my expressed concerns, my relatives exposed my child to a contagious, incurable disease. When spoke up, they twisted it around and made ... Read more

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Navigating Nuclear Family With Jealous People

Dear Laura, My husband and I have been separated for almost four years now. He has lived with his girlfriend for three years and they have been having problems for some time now and are seeking counseling. He and I are great friends and he calls me almost everyday although he & don’t think we ... Read more

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When Will My Spiritual Awakening Come?

Dear Laura, When will I experience spiritual awakening? I turn 42 next Tuesday. Thank you for your time and consideration. Blessings, Julia Dear Julia, You have charted it as a gradual, ongoing thing. Surrender the notion of age and limits. Use your Progress journal© to watch the process unfold. Happy Solar Return!

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How Do I Find Happier Partnerships?

Dear Laura, I have not managed to have a happy relationship yet though I have been married twice and lived with another man for four years. I am presently involved with a bachelor. We’ve known each other for three years and we’ve gone steady one year. Is there any chance he’ll commit and that I’ll ... Read more

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How To Find or Have Faith

Dear Laura, I am someone who has been very pessimistic and insecure for all her life. I have read a lot of materials on synchronicities. I can see them all right. Not that I don’t feel grateful for them, but there are times I just seem not to be able to bring myself to really ... Read more

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How Do I Feel Better About Myself?

Hi Laura, I have very low self esteem and am destroying myself with negative thoughts. How do I feel better about myself? I have done some bad things in the past and now it is all erupting in my mind and I can not take it. I would be very happy if you have any ... Read more

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What Is The Nature Of Time? Why Must We Age?

Laura, Could you please explain to myself and your readers the nature of time in our lives and the important role it plays? For example, why must we age? Also, what importance is there in being “born” to a particular time and place? Thank you! Wade Werner Hello Wade, Thank you for your juicy questions. ... Read more

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What Should You Do When A Friend Lets You Down?

Dear Laura, What should you do when a friend lets you down and doesn’t get it when you try to tell them? anon. Dear Anon., We’ve all been there and it definitely hurts. If they don’t want to listen, aren’t willing to take it in, don’t accept responsibility or don’t want to ‘get it’…then you ... Read more

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Healing Attraction To Wrong Partners & Raising Self Worth

Dear Laura, I am’s newest fan…having ‘MET’ you via Bob Oslon on I seek your guidance concerning an on-line friendship/relationship I recently ‘LET GO’ of after seven months. He had a habit of ‘disappearing’ for weeks (with no apology or explanation). Is he playing a mind game? Perhaps I am at fault here? ... Read more

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Beware of Scam Artists and Cons

Dear Laura, A woman says she is a healer and can cure my terrible shyness if I give her $300. I am in need of help but am unsure. She prays and attends church so maybe I can trust her. What do you think? —HG Dear HG, Do not give this person your money. This ... Read more

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Learning to Stay in Your Own Lane

Dear Laura, Why do people get offended at someone wanting to offer something that may better their life? —Just trying to help Dear Just Trying, Because they didn’t ask for your help. And who are you to say that one life is better than another? There’s nothing worse than unsolicited advice pointing out how silly, ... Read more

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Forgiving The Abusers In Your Past

Dear Laura, I am a 62 year old grandma having a terrible time forgiving my mother and sister for some awful things that happened to us in the past, including sexual abuse. They continue to dismiss my attempts to discuss things and bring them out into the open. Contact with them is full of barbs, ... Read more

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…When To Fire A Friend

Dear Laura, One of my friends recently let me down on something she agreed to. When I tried to tell her that I was hurt and upset, she got nasty and blamed me. I wasn’t prepared for her attack on top of the letdown. It was doubly hurtful. Looking back, now I can see a ... Read more

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Can Objects Hold Energy?

Dear Laura, Can objects hold energy? Like furniture? — Betty F. Dear Betty, Absolutely! All objects are made up of atoms and atoms contain energy. Did you ever enter a room and feel an emotion like joy or sadness or tranquility? Even empty rooms and houses have energetic impressions. So do gardens, vehicles, stones, clothing ... Read more

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