Cancer Leads To Spiritual Awakening and Arguments Over Treatment

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Dear Laura,
Over 3 and a half years ago I dealt with an episode of cancer. Since then, I have been well, and undergoing a truly beautiful spiritual awakening. I feel completely different about so many things, and have been choosing more spiritual paths. Recently, I was diagnosed with another suspicious mass. I am getting enormous pressure from my family and doctor to undergo the same invasive, toxic, radical treatment I used before. I know my family loves me, but they are not hearing me. I would like to use alternative avenues for treatment instead. My family is really upset, and I feel confused and conflicted. Their pressure is beginning to get to me. Please help.

Dear MJ,

For some time now in our society, Eastern philosophies and ideas have been pitted against Western ones when it comes to medicine. It’s been a real tug of war, with no clear winners, and plenty of casualties. The word “alternative” when applied to medicine, lifestyle, etc. has been given an negative, and even fanatical vibration at times. Consumers have been made to feel that choosing one path of care is completely exclusionary to another.

You and you alone have domain over your body. You are as unique as your own DNA. You have free will, and plenty of choices…so why not feel free to pick and choose from it all? God put a lot of choices down here, numerous pathways to walk and examine. Why we should feel forced to choose only one is quite a mystery.

I am a big fan of the emerging concept of “integrated or complimentary medicine.” This means being free to pick and choose from all sides of the fence simultaneously, and to create a whole health plan based on your individual needs. For example, this could mean a combination of spiritual, surgical, dietary, botanical and chemical options. I suggest that you talk with your family and create a plan of action based on taking the best from all sides and then doing what feels right to you.

Your family’s real concern comes from their fear of losing you. Perhaps you could enlist their help with quickly researching MANY options, and have them work as your assistants, and team members as you create your own individualized plan. By including them in this bigger picture you can choose to use the illness as an opportunity for building a bridge of education, respect and understanding. It is common for us to fear what is unknown, and in a crisis situation, many choose to stick with what they know or what seems easiest. But this may or may not always be the best solution. I hope you can stay open to this dialogue and understanding as you make your journey. Abundant good health to you friend!