Holiday Guilt and Stress

Dear Laura, Every year for the holidays, I feel pulled in a million directions. My in-laws and my parents all expect us to make the rounds and visit them, the kids have school activities, we have work parties to attend, shopping, cooking, it just all gets to be too much! What I really want to ... Read more

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Choosing The Right Psychic Medium

Dear Laura, Yesterday, I thought I would treat myself to an early birthday gift and, following some careful research on the OfSpirit website, booked an appointment with a psychic medium of high repute. I have always been interested in these things and have had some prior experiences many years ago which hinted at there being ... Read more

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Why Are Some People Psychic And Others Not?

Dear Laura, Why are some people psychic and others not? –the morning walking club Dear MWC, The answer is simple. Balance. We need all kinds of folks on all different levels to help make the world go round. Think about it, why are some people artistic while others are not? Why are some folks great ... Read more

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Is My Dog Psychic?

Dear Laura, My dog knows when I am coming home even though it is a different time each day. He waits for me at the window. How could he know? Is he psychic? –Stacey Jill Dear SJ, Yes, but in a different way than us humans are. Companion animals are very sensitive to our energy. ... Read more

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Just Another Coincidence?

Dear Laura, I’m 17 years old and I have noticed that some strange things have been happening to me. My uncle died a few months ago and the night he died my cousin range my mobile screaming for help, but what’s strange is that every night I make sure I put my phone on silent ... Read more

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How Can I Develop My Own Psychic Powers?

Dear Laura, How can I develop my own psychic powers? Sincerely, –Shirley Dear Shirley, For starters, pick up a copy of the Ancient Stardust Progress Journal that I just created. It’s a special journal workbook that demystifies the journaling process and increases your intuition by showing you how to track your own progress. You don’t ... Read more

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Logic Vs. Intuition & Synchronicity

Dear Laura, What do you advise those who are new at using the tools you speak of in your recent book, when signs and synchronicities point in a direction that does not seem wise logically or on the surface? Should making a change go smoothly if it’s the right thing to do? If, in making ... Read more

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Can Someone Have Memories Of Being On The Other Side?

Dear Laura Is it possible for someone to have memories of being on the Other Side? –JF Yes it is! This phenomena is more common amongst older souls who often have a sense of homesickness for something that doesn’t exist here on earth. Others experience a blurring of boundaries catching snatches of memories and recollections ... Read more

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Can A Psychic Tell You About Your Health Issues?

Dear Laura, Can a psychic tell you about health issues you might face now or the near future? Yes, if they are experienced in and wired for health intuition. Depending on how experienced they are, you may get ideas, concepts, facts, descriptions, time lines and so forth. Some will see images, others can ‘feel’ the ... Read more

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Understanding Your Dream Images And Symbols

Dear Laura, I keep having a dream about a monkey. When I looked it up in dream books, I felt even more confused. What does the monkey mean? — a friend of Jane Goodall Dear Friend, Fear not! Although countless authors feel they have an exclusive handle on dream interpretation, I use a different approach. ... Read more

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Overcoming a Difficult Soul Plan

Hi Laura, I was born to a teenage mother and heroine addicted father who later abandoned us. My mother was so shamed that she was pregnant with me that she refused to name me. I was told that a nun/nurse working in the Labor and delivery room named me. My life has been a ton ... Read more

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