Why Are Some People Psychic And Others Not?

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Dear Laura,
Why are some people psychic and others not?
–the morning walking club

Dear MWC,

The answer is simple. Balance. We need all kinds of folks on all different levels to help make the world go round. Think about it, why are some people artistic while others are not? Why are some folks great cooks while others are unable to boil water? Why are some people tremendous athletes? Or wonderful writers? Why are some people left handed and others right handed? Why is it that some folks can sing brilliantly, while others, despite all their heartfelt desire, can barely carry the most marginal of tunes?

We are all born with intuition, but as we age, the veil slips down more firmly for some than others. Without regular practice on the intuitive “muscles”, they atrophy and disappear as we leave childhood behind. Some psychics require little to no practice in order to maintain it because they are naturals; others require regular exercises and pursuits of study; and for others–despite all earnest efforts–sometimes the best one is able to muster is a few off key notes. Find what you are naturally good at and be proud. We need all degrees, nuances and measures for balance here on earth.