“Good works are links in the chain of love.”
― Mother Theresa

Ancient Stardust Circles

Sacred spaces of support
where community, luminous love
& our willingness… 

come together. 

My heartfelt intention is that these virtual global gatherings help support shift.

We’ll meet on my secure (non facebook) platform where I expertly guide you through  awareness, meditation, and more so your soul’s energy can illuminate, radiate & expand. 

Everything is Energy!

Whenever two or more of us gather purposefully
our soul’s energy & intention power magnifies.

When our gathering numbers rise, the synergistic lift is measurably higher!
So, with that in mind…

Join me!

Meet the Circles…

Planetary Support Circle

Body Soul

AMA Circle
ask me anything

Ancient Stardust Readings Milky Way Laura Scott Guides you What is a Soul Specialist


Mother Earth
our help

Planetary Support Circle

~ Calling all healers, Lightworkers, empaths, Light bearers and beings looking to contribute Light on this path!

Her signals of urgency are evident in all directions.

Our collection of global lights are needed now more than ever.

Please join me as we link up together in etheric prayer, and our focused intention for the powerful purpose of sending Earth and all her inhabitants magnified Light. We KNOW the exponential quantum power when we work together. Scientific studies on prayer, energy medicine, and more all support this. So, let’s covert our highly sensitive, empathic despair, frustration, fear & anger into a steadfast collective stream of healing for her and all her inhabitants…

The Earth has a pulse…
we’re going to work with that.

Experts have detected a “microseism” that makes a sound every 26 seconds. Yet scientists and seismologists can’t agree why. It was detected over 60 years ago, and they still don’t know what’s generating it. Everything is energy!

Earth, Terra firma. Gaia. Mother. eor(th)e/ertha’ and ‘erde.

The only planet that wasn’t named after a Greek or Roman god or goddess.

Our home. For now. Needs our centering Lights to link up. 
We can help. Let’s.


Blessed Be


  Meet with me as we purposefully align and begin.

  Dates & Info TBA 

We are stronger together.

You are NOT your condition.

Body Soul Circles

For Those Coping with
Chronic Health Conditions

Are you living with a chronic health condition?

Long Covid, Lipedema, PCOS, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, cancer, obesity,  genetics…many things can befall our physical form.

Some are deeply painful and disorienting in their display. Conditions may push society’s obsession with superficial norms, & they might also challenge our own. Soulful opportunities awaits!

We are spiritual beings
having human experiences.

These miraculous mysterious bodies are vehicles for our souls to work in and through.

So, if…

• You're feeling down about yourself or your body due to chronic health conditions

• Chronic health conditions have you wishing you were less ____ and more ____(mhmm, fill that one in too).

• You’re feeling the weight of the world on top of your illness — misunderstood, judged, blamed, shamed, frustrated…

• You’re looking to reconnect with your higher self

Lean in & reclaim some of the magic light of your soul. Because as crazy at it seems…THESE are the good ol’ days you’ll think back on in the future. So, let’s raise up your vibe about them!

Realign, rediscover, and reconnect your soul’s higher essence. RELINK you to your soul’s Divine shine!

This circle celebrates life! And all it’s curves, corners, curls, conditions, contractions and knotted beauty. Let’s soul shine together!

 Dates & Info TBA

…we are all made of ancient stardust.

You deserve to glow.

Ask Me Anything

AMA Circles

C’mon, you know you have questions!

Why do some people get headache when they meditate? Why does the dog stare at the ceiling?  What will the best jobs be? Is it safe to not wear masks? Will COVID go away? How can the …

I’ll do this a couple times a year.

Email your AMA question with the subject line:  AMA question.
Then tune in for the AMA circle and watch as questions are answered. Maybe one will be yours…

Dates & Info TBA

Sign up!

…we are all made of ancient stardust.

It’s about more than money honey

Prosperity Circle

Let’s get you realigned

Slingshot yourself forward away from fear and into a new vibration where you’re powerful, whole, magnetic and resonating. Prosperity is about a lot more than money, honey. It’s about realigning with important truths and facing down old dogma. Your soul was meant to shine.
Let’s help you remember that.

Dates & Info TBA


…we are all made of ancient stardust.

...Stay tuned!

“ We are not these bodies; we’re neither our accomplishments nor our possessions—
we are all one with the Source of all being, which is God
― Anita Moorjani