Seeking A Long Lasting Relationship Please

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Dear Laura,
Why am I not having any success attracting the “right” type of person to create a lasting relationship? When I do find someone and we are mutually attracted, he is not the type to enter a long term relationship. Lately I just don’t seem to be able to meet/attract anyone. Is this the way it’s meant to be or am I doing something wrong?

Dear KK,
The words we speak and the thoughts we think have a lot of power. Therefore, if you want to attract ‘the “right” type of person to create a lasting relationship’ I suggest that you get serious about putting down on paper what exactly that means to you. Be specific. List what is important to you, include complimentary qualities, traits, goals and integrity points. Once you have done this, your homework is to read it out loud daily, and watch what you say during the rest of the day. If you focus on what you are not getting, you will actually create more of it. Shift your focus by affirming, “I am now attracting the perfect person to me. I am worthy of a lasting relationship, and I accept it now. I am willing to love at another level.” Be patient, and know that in the mean time, you are still a valid, productive, contributing and integral part of the planet. Focus on being whole all by yourself, and live your life fully and completely in the meanwhile.