“Confusion is the highest state because it comes just before knowing” ~ Suzuki




Laura Scott is far more than a talented psychic…she’s an accomplished Channel for Healing, an Akashic Records expert & author.

For over 26 years Laura has been reading for people all over the world via phone. From politicos to famous athletes, entertainment figures, CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, college students, grandparents, to your neighbors…each of Laura’s clients receives her wisdom & compassion.

In addition to Laura’s work in the Akashic Records as a talented psychic & channel for healing…she is also known for her distance healing work.

Laura’s Distance Clearing & Healing work draws further upon her God given wisdom as a channel and healer, her many decades of experience, training, 13 years of sound healing and Wild Dolphin swimming, and ongoing studies. She is accomplished in health scans, Universal Laws, meditation, soul charts, integrative healing modalities, several forms of energy medicine, Bach Flower work, as well as a talented Reiki Master/Teacher, CHLC, and maven.

Laura loves empowering her clients. She uses a judgement free, loving approach so that her clients are able to work in the higher healing frequencies opened up in her channel. You’re safe here.

Working in the Akashic records as a Channel for Healing allows Laura a unique opportunity to transcend life’s layers for her clients. They benefit from her richer understanding of life themes, patterns, Universal Laws, past lives, holism, & more. Laura’s work is known for its wisdom, humor, and compassion as she draws parallels, connecting dots and pathways multi-dimensionally that often lead to accelerated release, healing, and more peace in her client’s lives.

Many of Laura’s clients come back over the years…often referring their family members, friends, and business associates. Some call her ‘their best kept secret!’ Whether you’re going thru tragedy, health issues, heartache, legal matters, loss, dealing with relationships, are a #MeToo survivor like Laura herself, or are simply seeking to sort out life—with all its twists and turns—for yourself, your children, or family……or you just want to check in & see what’s coming up/what to watch out for…she gets it.
Each client is special to Laura.

Some channels only receive information, while those like Laura are also wired to ‘lift off’ or move stressful, depleting energy from people, opening the doorway for further healing to come in. These are known as healing channels.

Her work has been compared to the work of Edgar Cayce, going into a trance-like state and calling up a person’s soul contract in The Akashic Records. Along with guides, your loved ones, and angels, she channels a group of Ascended Masters called The Committee. The Committee communicates both “to” Laura (as a psychic medium) and “through” Laura (as a channel) to offer insight and understanding for your soul’s growth. Although The Committee is a group of enlightened beings, they act as one in their service with Laura.

Clients are often given tools or ‘homework’ suggestions to help facilitate their healing and growth if your guides or The Committee feel it would be helpful. These are provided to assist you with your place on the path.

What is a Channel?

What is a Channel?

Who is the Committee?

Who is the Committee?

Please note: Laura is only taking phone appointments at this time.

Each of us wants to feel loved, accepted, and safe.
At the end of the day, we all need this… and the grounding it provides.
~ Laura Scott

How it works

Private phone readings last 30 or 60 minutes. Your reading with Laura is your safe place to speak from your heart. Our office uses state of art technology to record and deliver your file. Listen to your session again on your ipod, ipad, computer, phone…whatever works best for you! Your session MP3 is typically emailed within 3 business days of your appointment.

monk-555391_1920To prepare for your phone session, please make a list of questions you would like help with. You can ask about yourself, family, friends, pets! Laura regularly covers questions ranging from personal, family, career, future, physical health problems to relationship issues, guides, past lifes, life themes, soul work, & current situations you are working on in your life. She does not need to be with a client in order to access Akashic Record info and perform a health scan.

Not all psychics and mediums work the same. Laura is different because she is a Channel for Healing. She can access many simultaneous areas of information in the Akashics and promotes healing. She works off of your questions. She channels The Committee, a group of Ascended Masters. Readings are like dreams to her. She may ‘sound normal’ during session, however the running office joke is how altered she actually is….so much so that moments after a reading she has little memory of what just happened!

Having a reading with Laura is an intimate, uplifting and empowering experience. Many clients have called it life altering…which Laura handles with the utmost respect and care. “Past lives, present and future may all be seen together creating energetic empowerment. The goal is raising up a client’s consciousness so that healing and release can come in.” Laura says.

She is always in communication with The Committee working to bring you the highest and best insight possible for whatever you are facing. Laura often weaves together answers for several questions with skilled adeptness…relating themes, past life resonances, chart challenges and more…she may also laugh, cry, and empathize with you.

A reading with Laura is different than readings with other psychics because she is a channel for healing. This means Laura will be working on your energy field while the reading is taking place, helping to shift and move energy blocks as much as possible. She will do as much as possible to help empower you, and release energy that is stuck in your field, or share with you ways you might adjust things to help you live your best life. She is more than just a static narrator, as channel for healing she is a highly compassionate, insightful and enlightened participant.

geranium-351810_1920 2You can help the process by being relaxed and reflecting on how you have been feeling before you call. Schedule your reading for when you have privacy. Take a few minutes to slow down, have your questions ready. If it is meant for you to know, you will know. If not, you will likely get other pertinent soul instruction.

After your session, you may feel lighter & different. If possible, allow yourself time afterwards. Remember, you are working with not just a psychic, but with a Channel for healing, the effects are many fold. Drink lots of water. The effects of Laura’s work as a channel for healing continue on after your session!

Please understand that you are an integral part of this process. If you approach your session with an open heart and mind things will go smoothly. Remember, Laura does not need to be with a person in order to see their Akashic Record, chart information, do a health scan, or meet your guides. Your experience will be fruitful and energetically productive, if you follow these suggestions.

Laura is based on the East coast of the United States, Eastern time (NYC time). She works by appointment, Monday-Friday.
We understand your needs may be time sensitive and do our best to get you in as soon as possible.

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi