‘’Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’” ~ The Talmud

Mentoring & Coaching

Beloved soul seeker...

I see you...

Empath, you need special personal help, intuitive mentoring & guidance that simply doesn’t fit neatly into a reading session. Not just any old coaching.

You need something tailored to your unique, individual life situation. 

Where you have access to a Master Healer, Mystic & Soul Specialist using her empathic intuitive superpowers and honed skills to expertly mentor you through it. Transformational support. Rooted in experience & expertise.

Your own secret weapon.

Someone safe & strong in your corner… who can help you over & through into better.

Your soul sherpa.

Questions like these asked at the right time by your wise mentor followed by impactful guidance can profoundly shift your life:

Are you ready to stir your ancient stardust?

This is the way.

Imagine for a few moments your ideal life:

You may see your connection with the Universe, your physical health, a loving partner, your family, types of friendships you desire, your new default high-vibrational state, the expression on your face, radiant well-being, your dream home, the city (cities) in which you live, the career you love, the abundance you have, the creativity that’s flowing out of you, the impact you’re making. You are reconnected to your inherent well-being.

This version of you exists through universal principles
and the laws of energy & desire.
Your exquisite soul knows how to get you there.
It’s encoded into your ancient stardust.

I am here to support you on that journey.

Mentoring others has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve received in this lifetime professionally and personally.
It’s an honor and absolute joy to watch people set intentions in all areas of their lives and then navigate through removing the barriers one by one to reach them. The journey of the soul is a miraculous, magical thing!


you're at a place in your life where you have dreams you know you came here to manifest.

you need help clearing up the energetic hooks of the past so you can fly.

Or maybe, you can’t see the entire picture… yet and you believe working
together will help you receive that type of clarity, develop some
intuitive skill, and set your life on fire along the way
—in the most beautiful of ways.

It’s time you finally get the support you’ve always wanted.

Five Mentoring Programs to profoundly change the inner & outer lives of those empaths & souls who’ve heard the call
and had the courage to respond.

Sometimes the only way out of grief is through.

It’s been said that each day we are reborn, live, & die again.

So where are you in that cycle and what will you grow in your time of rebirth?

How do you want to live?

Phenomenal Phoenix, I know how soul-shattering some breakups are… sometimes you can’t let go even when you are being dragged behind the bumper on the car of life.

All breakups and divorces aren’t the same. Neither are people.

You are unique…magical. And so, so, special. Your soul work is calling you!

Leap and my arms will catch you. 

Together we will help you navigate through the fog of your breakup into healing empowerment so that when you are ready…you are available for the next amazing new things The Universe has in store for you.  Fully forward, poised, and prepared. Smarter, better, wiser…thinking on new levels with integrated information.

No matter how scary it is and how awful it hurts right now…

…we WILL find YOUR LIGHT. And your bearing.

You don’t have to lug (another) bag of wounds with you as time moves forward and your relationship changes. We can heal that. Together!

Pssst….Big secret…you are so worthy of healing!!!

Our dark nights of the soul make us stronger.

I can help you find your way through the darkness and into your wisdom.

You are safe here.

In some languages, a ‘crisis’ translates to ‘an opportunity’.

Let’s find yours together.  In your ancient stardust. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Claim your path through the stars.

Name your mission beloved!

What’s on your precious heart that needs a safe place to unfold with a Divine Wing Woman?

This is the place for your personal pioneering adventure, creative expression & great work—


What do you want? What are you living for? What do you love?

What brings you joy?

Questions like these asked at the right time followed by impactful guidance can profoundly shift your life.

Perhaps your new career, your health, your solopreneur adventure are calling!

Up-level…your life, a project, your business, or suss out your entrepreneurial ideas to start one.

Or you could be feeling lost in a hazy maze of emotional fog wondering why your relationship isn’t working. Maybe you already know it isn’t…now what? & How?

Perhaps it’s about how you’ve been cat-fished…and you need a tow back to your own ship.

Health Crisis Support? Birthing your book? Build your business, launch your business, focus your brand, change your lane. Rescue & recover your self-esteem… Astronaut, I got you. There’s a reason why you are here…and I promise you are meant to be at home among the stars…

The stardust in your soul is speaking.

Let’s get to work! Astronaut, this is Houston. Rotate flaps 0.25 bearing… ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Sometimes you need a lighthouse to help guide you through it.

Loss in any form impacts your soul.

Loss of a loved one, a pet, your dreams, your health.

Loss of your life momentum, your trusted relationships…

You may feel like you have lost your way.

Maybe you lost your innocence or your faith.

Perhaps you are grieving your religion and growing your new spirituality.

Maybe you’ve lost family relationships, or friends through the strain of uncomfortable conversations, polarizing events of evolutionary growth, and alternate realities.

Your mind, body, and spirit all benefit from having the wise support of a soul specialist expertly supporting you during this most sacred time.

Not all grief is the same. No two people grieve the same.

Grieving one thing can loosen off grief for other things past.

Here, your sacred space is held with the most deliberate care while you weather through this with me as your trusted Soul Sherpa.

I’ll be your light house.

Guiding you on the way…

To your healing & resilience. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

It’s about a lot more than money, honey!

Precious, perfect, innocent you…arrived here on earth an intricate sponge.

And bit by bit that sponge began to absorb things directly, indirectly, what was overheard, inferred, implied, expected.

Until the day you arrived here, grown. Searching…

Hurting because something led you here…

with a whole lotta peanut butter glommed on your chocolate.

So let’s take that cosmic deep dive together into your Akashic history.

Identify & pull the weeds in your mystical garden so your quality plants have room to shine & grow.

We’ll look at who you are now.

Who’ve you’ve been in the past.

How it’s all impacting who you want to be in your exquisite future.

This impacts the lens of…oh just everything!!!

Prosperity on all levels is waiting for you!

Let’s take a grand tour together!

I’ll help you build the ship to fly there. 

We’ll use all my coolest mystical mojo methods, laser lightsabers, and exquisite energizers

to open up your space and beam you up—one eye-opening, soul-stretching, love-filled session together at a time.


This is where you up-level. 

This package (and all packages) can be renewed & renewed as you continue to soar and shine.


this program includes Reiki I & II Certification

Oh momma, dem vibes, dem vibes

Are you empathic? Intuitive? Yearning to be a healer?

Do you have vibes sometimes? Are your dreams your gateway to EVERYTHING?!

What would your life be like if you could open up more intuitively?

Would you feel validated? More powerful?

How would stronger intuitive alignment improve your relationships?

Your health? Your work? Or your intentions?

Do you know how you are meant to use your vibes?

What type of Empath are you?

Your sense of self, your decision-making power, parenting, relationships, even your ability to get through each day—ALL of these improve with greater connection to your innate intuitive powers. Even your money relationship & outlook expand!

Let’s identify & discuss your personal intuitive goals so we can dig in to expanding your personal alignment field.

One of the biggest gifts each of us can have, particularly us women—is to have steadfast unshakeable alignment with our own Intuitive gifts!

Reconnecting that is VITAL to your soul’s strength & well-being.

It gives you Goddess power, balance, and wisdom! (Wisdom is gooood!)

So, let’s identify and decode your intuition. Up your vibes.

I’ll help you find your superpowers.

It’s time to reclaim your balance of sacred feminine energy.

This applies to all beings—regardless of gender—for the good of the planet!

Come forth ye sleeping empaths, you weary Light bearers, awakening Light beings, mystical souls, inquisitive intuitives, sensitives, soulpreneurs, et all…come forth!

Your magic is in your vibes…we need your ancient stardust to twinkle and glow!

This is the way!

We may focus on one or more of these healing areas:

  • Building your next-level Inner Practice to ground, direct and move you forward
  • Learning how to Intuit, Heal and Manifest with Reiki (First Degree & Second Degree*, and/or Third Degree – Master Practitioner and Master Teacher**)
    *Attunements to Reiki I & II Levels requires a minimum 6-12 session mentoring program to help support your success as a healer and can be included here as part of your unique program, however it’s not required.
  • **Any program involving the attunement to Reiki Third Degree (Master Practitioner or Master Teacher requires prior certification training with me at I & II levels) or learning how to give intuitive readings requires a minimum 12-session mentoring program.
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides
  • Exploring Energy Healing & Medical Intuition
  • Creating, Clearing and Working in Energy Fields
  • Giving Intuitive Readings including Past Life Readings

If you would like to learn Reiki with me, this is your package.
This is where healers are born, practices are birthed and you up-level!


Choose Your Self Discovery Program

Each Life Mentoring Program (choose 6 sessions/3 months or 12 sessions/6 months) consists of a series of 60-65 min sessions uniquely built upon your calling of something that led you here.

So, with caring reverence, we’ll cover the next steps you are taking in your beautiful life journey.

Breakup - Breakthrough

Name Your Mission

Growing Through Grief

Prosperity Power

Intuitive Alignment & Healer Support

Pick Your Program Length.

We’ll meet by phone a minimum of twice a month for the length of your bespoke recorded program.

Enjoy Flexibility—meet weekly or biweekly with longer sessions, 90 or 120 min sessions vs 60 mins. Example, 6 session program (360 mins) may be scheduled as:  6(60) or 4(90) min sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

Added value bonuses: 
Depending on the nature & needs of your program these may include—extended mentoring time, Inspirational mp3s & pdfs, worksheets, targeted Distance Energy Healing, and Meditation downloadables. 

Reading Services (Psychic/Channeling insight/Readings/predictions, etc.) are a different service than Mentoring. 

To see if we’re a resounding, heck-yes fit for this part of the magical, heroic human journey you are on,
please fill out your intake contact

Ancient Stardust Circles with Laura Scott, Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist

Mentoring Program Intake Form

Our work together is
a committed partnership; 

Therefore, I take only on a limited number of mentoring clients at a time and have a required intake process. This ensures that I am able to focus my energy, skills, and support on those truly ready and also that you and I are the right fit.

Thank you, and
I look forward
to walking with you
on this part
of your journey.

For more information on mentoring policies, click here.

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