Ex Boy Friend Wants Her Back And She’s Confused

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Dear Laura,
I had a reading with you this past fall. I don’t want to start depending on psychics to figure out my life but it’s about my former boyfriend. After I finally decided to move on with my life, and things were going good, he popped back up out of the blue. We talked and it looks like he wants me back. I guess I need encouragement or something because my strength around him is not good. What should I do?

Dear Misha,

HE wants you back? What happened to what you wanted? Empowered women don’t predicate their lives on the whim of a man, honey. They stay focused and on course. They make choices that are healthy for them. Remember, the Universe will test you to see if you really are getting it: Sally: “I’ll never do that again!” The Universe: “hey, did you hear that, Sally says she’ll never do that again, let’s send her a pop quiz to see if she really means it!” and viola! a test is born.

If a partner is emotionally healthy, they’ll wait for you to be ready. With no fuss. If they are not healthy enough to wait, why the heck would you want them? (…unless you’ve convinced yourself that this is the absolute last chance on earth for you to ever be loved….which simply isn’t true!).