What is Reincarnation? Has Everyone Done It?

Dear Laura, What is reincarnation? Has everyone done it? Curious Hello Curious, Reincarnation means rebirth of the soul into another body. One easy analogy for this is to liken your body to a car. When your car wears out, you get another one…and so too does the soul. We get just one body perincarnation (that’s ... Read more

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Why Do Some Souls Choose Such Difficult Paths?

Dear Laura, What is the current explanation for why this life is so miserable for so many people (Rwanda, Haiti, Sudan, and inner city ghettos everywhere, etc) while others appear to have a much easier time? I’m asking this question with the supposition that we make pre-birth agreements and choose our existences. What could be ... Read more

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Please Explain Reincarnation More

Dear Laura, I believe in reincarnation but what about my pets? Do dogs reincarnate as dogs? Or cats as cats? Could my deceased loved ones reincarnate as my next pet or do people always reincarnate as people and dogs as dogs, etc.? If my dog dies, I was told I could ask for him to ... Read more

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What is Sudden Phobia Or Anxiety Related To?

Dear Laura, I am 48 years old and have been driving since I was 16. Recently I began to have anxiety, fear and now terror about driving over bridges. I have been leaving early and taking different routes to avoid driving over them, but there are only so many excuses I can give. What is ... Read more

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