“Be Patient Where You Sit In The Dark. The Dawn Is Coming.” ~ Rumi


Distance Clearing & Energy Healing

Because Laura is a natural born Channel for Healing, skilled in several forms of energy medicine, she often gets requests for distance energy work, healing prayers, and more. If you are in need of some distance clearing & healing energy work, you came to the right place!

How it works

Distance Clearings & Healings are a form of energy work that are a great gift to give yourself, or a loved one who is going through a downturn, feeling blocked or ‘stuck’ energetically, or experiencing a healing challenge such as illness, surgery, chemotherapy, etc.

You can purchase Distance Clearings & Healings for yourself, a situation, or on someone else’s behalf (even pets!).

Why get Distance Clearing & Energy Healing?

AngelAre you stressed out? Having a breakdown? Fighting serious illness? Facing surgery? A break-up? Life change? Are you depressed? Feel stuck? Could you use some added support? If you answered yes to any of these, or if someone you know is going through any of these, Distance Clearing & Energy Healing will help.

Laura sends the Distance Clearings & Healings either one time (single) or at various times (multiple) depending on the condition, circumstances, and details provided in your request.

Distance Clearings & Healings are not a reading. There is no phone recording or set ‘appointment time.’
They are a different form of exchange in energy. Because Laura is a Channel for Healing, she is able to tap into energy fields to help clear, shift, and release energy, as well as to help promote & accelerate healing.

What does it feel like?

monk-458491_1920Everyone is different; for most, the common thread is a greater sense of well-being. Peace of mind, a Higher sense of Order, optimism; sometimes more physical energy, for others it’s a better quality of sleep, or mental focus. Some comment on how deeper their connection with ALL is…feeling renewed, relaxed, happier and closer to God. Joy, hope, optimism are stronger. Others simply state “I feel better, more like myself again.”

Distance Clearing & Healing work can also be very effective in helping with relieving stress, pain or symptoms of anesthesia, chemotherapy and more. The American Holistic Association of Nurses keeps statistics on the benefits of energy medicine and it’s impressive benefits, along with studies happening in prestigious hospitals like Columbia/Presbyterian and more. Those receiving energy work report greater sense of well-being, along with data for quantitative autonomic nervous system levels like BP, heart rate, and respiration. When applied prior to procedures like surgery and chemotherapies and other treatment regimes patients show markedly shorter healing times, 60% less side effects from treatments and require less pharmaceutical pain management support. Dr. Mehmet Oz is often quoted on how sought after energy medicine is with patients and medical professionals.

leipzig-229443_1280Laura uses her natural born gifts and decades of experience as a Channel for healing to do this special distance work. She does not need to be with you or your loved one to do this fascinating work.

Because of her lifetime of service as a Channel, Laura is skilled in working with Energy, The Light, The Ascended Masters, Ascension, Angels and more. In addition to her ongoing work and studies in energy, she has also been a Reiki Master Teacher for over 21 years.

Clients simply provide the required information (Distance Clearing & Healing Request Form), then Laura goes to work behind the scenes.

At the conclusion of your Distance Clearing & Healing work, our office will send you a note from Laura with information on her findings, any additional suggestions she may have to aid in your situation, or continued support of your loved one.

• • • • • • • • PANDEMIC UPATE • • • • • • • •

Laura now offers 2 week & 4 week distance healings doing her part as an experienced energy healer to send distance energy healing & comfort during this time of national/global crisis.

Send distance healing to those at home in isolation struggling, anyone ailing, and those stellar professionals working in the front lines.

If you would like to donate to her healing queue and help support the distance healing work being sent to medical professionals—please let us know!
Energy healing and distance healing help improve stress, auto-immunity, health & well-being!

PROVEN benefits. Studies show recipients of energy healing—in person or via distance—heal faster and with less complications. Distance energy healing is statistically proven to be beneficial to an increased homeostasis and your bio-field.

If you’re worried about a friend or family member from afar, order a distance healing package in their name to calm their minds and yours.

Peace of mind is invaluable! Let’s help your Energy! Or your loved ones!
Join trusted Channel for Healing Laura Scott in her Distance Healing Queue

• Healing Packages •
2 weeks/$160 or 4 weeks/$300 (Best value!)

Receive distance healing energy from experienced energy healer Laura Scott a few days each week!
No reports, simple intake & off you go! Let’s raise the chi.
De-Stress! Improve your well-being.
Gift it to your loved ones!

Your 2 or 4 week package will help support Laura’s distance energy work already being sent in donation to those medical professionals on the front lines in her healing queue.

Why is Laura putting so much emphasis on healing energy right now?
Because she’s an experienced Channel for Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, CHC and energy healer….she knows WE NEED IT!
Her guides & The Committee encourage our calm and healing.
She’s here to help support you and your loved ones with the energy of our new paradigm.

Why Single vs. Multiple Clearings & Healings?

Single Clearings & Healings can be very effective for situations involving time sensitive outcomes, such as a medical procedure, court date, and illness recovery. Some people prefer to ‘feel’ the effects of a single session before requesting more. Single is a good affordable choice even for an ongoing situation because of the energetic principle that anything is better than nothing.

Multiple Clearings & Healings are great when individuals are experiencing situations not time sensitive, such as life changes. Things like: personal growth, relationships, and long-term illness, recovery. They can also be effective for situations that are more long standing or intense. Multiple ‘blasts’ are typically sent over 3-4 weeks, depending on individual situations and what Laura finds while in trance. It’s three times the value of a Single at a $50 savings!

wave-703519_1920Emergency Distance Clearings & Healings — Single or Multiple are ideal for extremely urgent and time sensitive situations when waiting just won’t work. If you need help right away, this is a great option. Things like emergency surgeries, court matters, accidents, heartbreaks, extremely challenging events, and more.

If you aren’t sure which would be best, contact us with your situation and Laura will be happy to make a recommendation.

We now offer two different types of pdf reports: Basic or Detailed.
Basic Report has only 1 page with Laura’s abbreviated summary/notes.
Detailed Report has 3+ pages (single or multiple) of Laura’s expanded notes.

If you can afford only a single, it’s best to plan for it prior to the event whenever possible…as it can help shift energy, open up chi, lessen stress, minimize pain, side effects, and promote faster healing, shortening recovery time.

2 weeks of distance healing – $160
4 weeks of distance healing – $300

These items BELOW include clearing work & either a brief or detailed note:
Single DC&H – $175 Basic
Single DC&H – $225 Detailed
Multiple DC&H – $425 ($525 value) Basic
Multiple DC&H – $475 ($525 value) Detailed

Emergency Distance Clearings & Healings are ideal for extremely urgent and time sensitive situations when waiting just won’t work. If you need help right away, this is a great option.

Emergency Single DC&H – $275 Basic
Emergency Single DC&H – $325 Detailed
Emergency Multiple DC&H — $625 Basic
Emergency Multiple DC&H – $675 Detailed

At the conclusion of your Distance Clearing & Healing work, we’ll send you a note from Laura with her findings.

Instead of stressing… give Distance Healing!

“I started to feel better since you started working on me (in distance healing). I really think it works!” ~ Judy, CT

“I stopped smoking the native American organic cigarettes that I intermittently struggled with for a year; so yey!” ~ Tom B., CA

Thank you for your prayers and sending energy. I believe it has managed to keep things amicable (as opposed to merely civil) in the house” ~ California 

“Laura will work her magic and do what she does best” ~ California

“I really trust Laura, with all my heart, and I trust that her beautiful soul and gift will be helpful to everyone involved.” ~ Dr. C

“Hi Laura, Just an update of the miracles that are happening since your remote healing: (six miracles listed) …I am in wonder and opening my arms to the bigger miracles we need to go forward… thank YOU Laura Cordiales Saludos Warmly Marilena, Spain

“THANK YOU LAURA, you are in my heart” ~ Grateful

“I have so much appreciation for the giving that you transmit.” ~ UK

“I feel so much better” ~ San Fransisco, CA

“Hi Laura, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for administering the healing of (6 year old) Austin at this time. He has been deemed cancer-free by his doctors. …Thanks again for all you have done,” ~ Gary

“Please let Laura know that her support was tremendously helpful during this very difficult time of letting someone go who did not want to leave this world. We are all grateful for her love and prayers. Kind Regards” ~ Annette

“The distance clearing and healing was great last time and I have noticed changes…thank you for your help” ~ Dr. C.

“I feel that you have already started working on me, so my stress is somewhat lessened already, so I’m not feeling as desperate and out of whack as I did earlier this week :)” ~ C.

“I’m happy to refer people to Laura who has helped me tremendously.” ~ Dr. Chang

“Thank you, unbelievable amount of information…so much depth. Thank you!” ~ Tricia

“My sincere gratitude to Laura” ~ Annette, Connecticut

“Wow! Thank you so much Laura. I’ve been getting so much clarity. And I really, truly appreciate the time and patience you have put into clearing and healing me. Thank you!” ~ C., California

“Many thanks. This arrived at the absolute perfect moment. The information from Laura’s report is so reassuring. I can definitely see positive shifts in…energy & outlook already… I think I may submit a request for my own healing 🙂 Very best wishes to you Laura” ~ Julie

“Thank you for your help Laura! Thank you for your service to humanity.” ~ KVH, California

“Laura did an ‘emergency energy clearing and healing’ for me in May. I was preparing for a hysterectomy. As I was waiting to receive the results from Laura, I prayed. I had cried every day for weeks, out of fear of the unknown, mostly. But shortly after I submitted my request, there was a tangible transformation. It was incredible. My body started to tingle and my fearful feelings were replaced with confidence and a sense of well-being (just to name a few). I told everybody who would listen about it, but I think it’s something that people need to experience to really be able to grasp the powerfulness of it all. The clearing/healing carried me all the way through. Both my surgery and healing process went remarkably well and I feel fabulous (so much better!)— I am forever grateful and continue to be in awe of Laura’s gift.” ~ Rebecca, Washington

“…responding miraculously to Laura’s distance healing syncing sessions. It’s like a storm that’s being calmed or wild animal being tamed.Something mysterious at work for which we are tremendously grateful.” ~ Hawaii

“I appreciate her work” ~ KG, Virginia

“…had a brain scan last week and we found out that of the 10 growths, 5 had “melted away” and 5 others had reduced to such small size that the doctor called to say focused radiation treatment for the brain not needed now. We have an appointment with the doctors scheduled for tomorrow.

We’re continuing to meditate and pray for full healing and recovery.

Many, many thanks Laura! ~ O. Family

“We know Laura’s works on the deepest energetic and spiritual healing levels. Our family has experienced that.” ~ From the Heart

“Having Laura syncing distance healing…for us means we are doing all and our best for our loved one to heal and recover. Thank you very much for syncing our beloved’s healing sessions.” ~ Forever Grateful

“I….we thank you so very much and give our love and appreciation to you.” ~ USA

“It’s uncanny how perfectly you describe our family members setting, activities and behaviors during the day.” ~ Anon

“Reading your healing report brings us great hope and calm that this is the right way and best way for our family.” ~ Thankful

“Thank you so much Laura, you are Heaven sent to be here on Earth for all that you help so tremendously.” ~ Eric

“We are so grateful for Laura’s healing work, please ask her to continue for us.” ~ EO

“Please let Laura know that on the Tuesday(s) when she did the healing sessions, the energy throughout the day actually became lighter, cleaner, clearer and brighter. My wife had more energy, strength and enthusiasm. The difference was remarkable and makes an incredible difference for my wife and our whole family.” ~ Hawaii

“Yves and I have no words to express our gratitude for what Laura has done for our family member. It was very scary to read some of the comments listed on family member’s report, but we felt relieved that Laura went through the lengthy process of healing. Even to this day, we still wonder how they’ve even made it alive…Please tell Laura on our behalf that we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for the time and energy she has put into this very severe case!
We owe her everything!!! She is a true gift of God!
Please note that the first day she started working with our family member/soul, we had already felt the shift!!!
Big hugs to both of you ! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love and Light!!! xoxoxo” ~ Yves and Mom

“Thank you. I have felt enormously better, emotionally and physically. Very Energetic where before I could barely move, it seemed. Seriously, thank you. I went so low, and I did not know what to do. I plan to use this program as some sort of maintenance.… I can’t thank you enough. I was in a really bad place, and I am not there anymore.” ~ DF

“This was really helpful, I feel soo much calmer before my procedure! Thank you so much!” ~ M.

“I truly appreciate your help in all of this. I knew the moment you did the clearing because I could feel it.” ~ Tom

“Much thanks Laura! Your work surely makes our lives and this world we live in the happier and healthier place it can be! Aloha and Mahalo!” ~ Anon

“Since your multiple healings, my Mom, Sister and me have become very united, strong and in alignment as a deeply loving family. This is also being radiated out to my wife and children. I see many changes in myself that have made me a much more loving person both in my family and in professional life. Relationships have deeper meaning and are communicated with much more caring, acceptance, acknowledgement and kindness….. Light and Love! Thank you very much Laura,”

“Thanks so much…Tell Laura that I was particularly struck by the allegorical portrait she had of my daughter. It sounded just like her right down to the …colors that she wears. Thanks again,” Anon.

“Thank you so much for the time, energy and love the Arc Angels and you have invested in the Distance clearing and Healing. My home and family is blessed to have received this. I can feel the shifts and I am hoping to be able to make the most of the opportunities that will arise because of the releases I have been privileged to receive.
I am sure doing this requires tremendous reserves of energy from you and I thank you for your care, concern and large heartedness. With my love and deepest regards to you,”
A, Singapore

“I’m so happy that T. is doing so much better. I do see a difference in their demeanor. They are noticeably calmer and seem much more at peace. Today I especially noticed how they just looked lighter. I cannot express my gratitude to you justly for T’s healing as well as for my own.” Love, Anon

“My elderly MIL’s move was surprisingly easy thanks to all the energy and Grace you were sending. Thank you!”

“I’m requesting house energy clearing because whatever you did for the office was wonderful. Breakthroughs with everything and all positive! There is beautiful movement at the office. I’m hoping for the same for home energy.” ~ Anon

“I received your notes on the most recent clearing and am so deeply appreciative of your work. I am seeing the changes happening and my heart is lighter…your work has given me strength and hope. my gratitude is beyond measure and I will have you do another clearing soon. Thanks so very much.”
Warmest regards, C.

“In my darkest hours, when I lost our unborn child after several years of infertility treatments/surgeries and then having my husband walk out on me because he could not handle the stressors anymore, Laura was the sole person that helped me remain here today!
When I gave up hope on not being able to be a mom, Laura reassured… Last year, I delivered our first son and continue to feel the blessings that Laura bestowed upon our lives.
Laura provided her (distance) energy clearing to literally get me thru the pregnancy and protect our unborn child… I know her protection was the only thing that helped us get thru the pregnancy given the stressful circumstances surrounding my life. ​
Even though I purchased a multiple clearing session during the pregnancy, Laura went above and beyond the normal time frame…to ensure that our son would be protected and safe. A mere “thank you” pales in comparison to the gratitude our family feels for being guided to a blessing such as Laura.”
– Anonymous

“Thanks so much for all your prayers, healing and power…Mom is doing great!  She says she doesn’t need any pain pills, Wow. She said that even leading up to the time (of breast cancer surgery) she felt a calm come over her and she knew you were there. She has barely needed any pain meds! She said to thank you!”

“Thank you so much for your part in this healing. I have had a week of personal revelations and am feeling very strong. I would like to order another distance healing this time for my son. I will put the order through the Ancient Stardust website.”
Jasmine P, Canada

“Thank you for the wonderful distance healing and clearing report. I felt my energy shift last week, and it coincided with when Laura did her work.”

“The energy you sent during surgery today was nothing short of miraculous! Normally, I have 10 cases on a surgery day and I’m just dragging at the end of the day. Today, I had 12 cases and finished feeling energetic, peaceful and calm and without the chronic neck pain.”
Dr. Pat Abo, DMV

“I couldn’t get on a plane without you helping me with those vibes!”

“I had a long term health problem which Laura helped to resolve, and the many ways that she has helped me involve both my physical and spiritual life… One of the best decisions I have made is to seek her support…”
Geraldine Ferry

“Thank you for your healing energy today. I dreaded having that painful dental procedure, but there was absolutely no pain and my healing was much faster than usual.”

Instead of flowers…. send Distance Clearing & Healing!

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~ Pema Chödrön