“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” ~  Bob Marley

Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to get you in quickly. 🙂 For non-emergency readings its typically just a few weeks+. Your schedule flexibility will play a part in the wait time, particularly if you are only available on certain days/times and those are already booked. Specific appointment options are offered once your service has been paid for. Laura keeps normal business hours M-F, NYC time.

Emergency readings run on a separate calendar and typically schedule within aprox 24-72 hours.

Once you pay for your session online via our shop, our office will reach out to you to get you scheduled.

Readings, mentoring, clearings & healings all happen via distance. She doesn’t need to be with you to do her work!

She reads exclusively by phone around the world!

Simply pay for your service on line at our shop and we’ll reach out to help you get scheduled. 

You can ask about anything in a reading for yourself or your loved ones:  relationships, work, challenges, health, healing, spiritual growth, past lives, life changes, etc. Laura will use her super powers as a Mystic & Soul Specialist to empower you with information on relevant soul plans, life themes, past lives and more as she connects the multi-dimensional energy dots on your questions. She uses her channel in service of God, and The Committee is always with her during your session.

Distance Healing clients fill out an intake form after paying online. After Laura’s review, the client is then placed into her healing queue where her work as a Channel for Healing and decades of expertise unfold. 

Yes. Medium work is part of her gifts, however as Laura likes to say it is only one piece of her pie as a Channel for Energy Healing, Mystic and Soul Specialist. Her clients are typically already knowers and looking for something a few steps beyond traditional mediumship work. They are focused on Soul Work—Laura’s expertise. As a mystic, she often uses her super psychic powers and channel to help her clients up-level their energy…sometimes this includes a few gulps or sweet sips from connecting with their deceased loved ones. However, it is not the central focus of her session work as a multifaceted Mystic, Soul Specialist & Healer.

Emergency situations happen — we understand. Laura keeps a separate calendar for emergency session work, so you can get in quickly. Click here for more info.

Laura has been Reading and doing Healing Work professionally worldwide for nearly 30 years! That’s thousands and thousands of clients, and happy returning clients!

Readings 30 min/$225, 60 min/$444
Emergency Readings ranging from $240-720
Distance Clearing & Healing  from $175-675
Mentoring & Coaching from $1,300+
Custom Healing Recordings $75

Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries (some legitimate/some nefariously sent in bulk ‘fishing’ for deals), we’re simply overwhelmed and at this time cannot offer further discounts. Please consider her blog, a video or a downloadable product if a service is not in your budget at this time…you will get a LOT of Laura’s Light for your investment!

Laura works exclusively by phone worldwide. She doesn’t need to be with you in order to access your Akashic info and do her fascinating work.

Thank you for thinking of Laura for your podcast guest list. Please fill out our contact form and provide us with as much details as you can—and we’ll get back in touch. 

“For a few years now I’ve been a conscientious objector due to foreign election meddling and FB’s lack of corporate accountability. The extent to which social media is being weaponized against domestic and global citizens deeply concerns me. The insurrection events of January 2021 in the US shockingly and sadly illustrated what my vibes have been all along.”~ LS
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“Always remember that whatsoever you dislike, face it. And whatsoever you would like to avoid, never avoid. Whatsoever you are afraid of, go into it – that’s the only way to finish it, otherwise it will haunt you like a shadow.” ~ OSHO