“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret– you return to the beauty you have always been.”
~ Aberjhani


Laura Scott Ancient Stardust Channel, Healer, Mystic and Soul Specialist
Mandala Image with Laura Scott, Soul Specialist, Channel, Healer, Mystic

In my 60 years of living, nearly 30 years of professional work, I’ve experienced and seen a lot of things. I am a survivor and a thriver…mystically wiser than my years. Overflowing with compassion for others.

Whatever's on your heart is safe here.

If you’re ready to shed some of your pain and confusion, I hold a judgement-free space for my clients.

If synchronicity has led you here for some help, so we can answer the bigger questions your soul is asking, something far greater is at work.

Call it what you like—Divine Order, Empathic Ignition, your Guides & Angels, Forces of the Mystic, Kismet, Cosmic Magic!

I’ve been called “a bridge between here and the cosmos.”

My clients come to me wabi sabi—perfectly imperfect—from around the world, ready to go deeper, higher and beyond the surface. And just like beautiful wildflowers on a juicy July day, they want to open and level up, reaching to the sun and a warm stardust-filled sky. 

We do the larger, life changing work here.

My job is to help you with that. I am a Soul Specialist. A Mystic & a Channel for Healing. A super psychic.

I’ve won awards for my meditations, been nationally published, written a global advice column, swam with wild free dolphins and offered sound healings for 13 years, led women’s retreats & circles, taught Reiki for over 25 years, studied holistic healing, flower essences, energy work and so much more—all on this artful dance to being a wise woman healer & wayshower who knows her Divine Role as a super psychic mystic is to help other sensitive souls, empaths, healers, and heart-centered beings connect with more of your Divine Wholeness…with utmost compassion.

I love what I do!

Science is finally catching up with measuring the power that quantum energy field healers like myself live, work & play in…honoring our significant empathic power to help heal & serve you!

if you need

...a reading, distance energy healing & energy clearing, mentoring/coaching or you want to learn Reiki

Lavender Fields, About Page for Laura Scott, Channel, Healer and Soul Specialist

...if you said yes
to any or all of these

then something led you here...

And I’m pleased to meet you!

 I can help.

I’ve been blessed to be the “extra mom,” mentor and guide to many magical beings in my earthly time here…the two-legged, the four and the winged.

When I’m not working with wonderful heart-centered people like you, I shepherd a native wildlife way-station yard & help butterflies. I love nature, art, science, intuitive cooking, hearty laughs with friends…both Star Trek & Star Wars—good Sci Fi makes me happy. Heck yeah, Wakanda forever!

Stroll through this ancient stardust oasis—listen to a recording or two—see what feels like the right fit for you right now.

If you need help deciding, email my office a few details and I’ll be happy to make a suggestion. There is no time like now to be stronger together.

I hope to work with you soon!

With love,


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. You live through the darkness from what you learned in the light. All mystical experiences conflict with the ‘real’ world. This is their very nature.” ~ Albert Einstein