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Welcome friend! Are you stressed? Grieving? Confused? Do you need healing? You’re not alone. All of us need help sometimes. Maybe you’re at a crossroads ready for change and need help figuring it out. Perhaps you’re looking to make more sense of who you are…what your life and this new energy is all about…and where to next? Or worried about your relationships, family, career or health. Maybe you need distance energy healing and improved well being. What’s on your heart & mind that you’d like to feel better about? You came to the right place.

For almost 30 years Laura Scott’s remarkable psychic soul readings, channelings & distance healings have been helping folks just like you around the world change their lives. Her clients include people like you with burning questions! Doctors, lawyers, judges, professionals, politicos, CEO’s, caregivers, entertainers, healers, athletes, colleagues, students, retirees, you name it! Maybe even your neighbors…and just like you—they were seeking a trusted source for clarity & wisdom to help guide them and set them free of the bonds of their spiritual past.

Laura Scott is an accomplished psychic soul specialist & channel for healing. She’s far more than a talented psychic or medium! Laura LOVES Akashic record work and empowering YOU.  She’s the expert author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Divining The Future, creator of award winning meditations, YourTango Expert, Ask Laura columnist, was an elite BestPsychicMediums member for 20+ years, repeat Hay House radio and Sirius XM guest, and sought after podcast guest — renown for her in depth access to the mystic.

Her extraordinary abilities include Akashic work, connecting your past lives to your present life themes, health scans, energy healing & clearing, holism work, nuanced navigating of present & future events, consciousness shifting and helping clients with navigating Universal Laws.

She offers phone readings, distance healings & clearings, life mentoring, downloadable meditations & more. Her clients praise her work as being life lifting” & “life changing…and…“…so much more than just a reading!”  Laura is known for her healing presence, relatable warmth & in depth knowledge as an accomplished metaphysician in Akashic work, specializing in the work of the soul. Her remarkable distance healing work has been known to support all levels of life, including peaceful transitions & life reviews.

Laura provides a portal for clients to shed stress and accelerate past spiritual blocks.  A respected channel for healing, Laura loves gently stirring the ancient stardust that we all have within…and the sound of expanding consciousness.   Read more about Laura.


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