…we are all made of ancient stardust

Laura Scott Ancient Stardust Channel, Healer, Mystic and Soul Specialist

Welcome Friend!

Are you stressed?  Grieving? Confused? 
Do you need healing?

You're not alone

All of us need help sometimes.

And it’s important that we get it.

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads, ready for change and needing a little help figuring it out. You might be looking to accelerate your career, grow professionally or expand your relationships.

Or maybe you’re worried about your family or health. Perhaps you need distance energy healing and improved well-being.

Maybe you’re an empath struggling to find your light. It could be you need to hear your soul themes identified and feel clearer about what you’re working on and towards.

Or you’re ready to look at something painful and bravely take it on so that you can let it go. You’re open to moving through the grief.

Something led you here...

Something led you here...

How Can I Help Your Ancient. Stardust. ShineToday?


Clearings & Healings

Mentoring & Coaching

Reiki Training

Custom Recordings

Past Lives

Ancient Stardust Circles

Soul Work


Gift Certificates

You came to the right place.

For 30 years, I’ve been honored to assist thousands
of my clients in their personal soul work.

I help folks just like you.

I help change lives.

Who have I helped?

From caregivers to celebs, professionals to politicos, colleagues to CEOs. 
People seeking an experienced, respected source for healing, clarity & wisdom
Moms, dads, grandparents, doctors, lawyers, judges, scientists, healers, empaths, elders,
therapists, athletes, college students, retirees
—you name it!

My clients are people with burning questions, seeking a trusted source.

Just like you, they were looking for the right, reputable person to safely guide them to new perspectives and help set them free of the energetic bonds of their past!

Wish you could know more about who you are as a soul?

Understanding your soul’s path,
plan & purpose is…

Mandala Image with Laura Scott, Soul Specialist, Channel, Healer, Mystic
Life Changing!


A Mystic is a SUPER psychic, able to access multiple worlds & dimensions.

Learn to use your life themes to navigate your heart centered journey.

Discover how your past lives impact your present soul work energy.

Make more empowered choices in relationships, your career, & health.

As a Soul Specialist & Mystic I help my clients
to better understand:

The Committee and I work together to provide you with the Highest Insights.

A reading with me is a powerful way to get answers & reconnect with more of your soul’s life plan! I am an accomplished soul specialist, mystic & energy healing channel—a super empath—far more than just a talented intuitive, super psychic or medium — renowned for my in-depth access to the mystic.

A Wayshower.

This wise woman healer and energy maven LOVES decoding your Akashic Record work and empowering clients just like you. I believe “life lifting” and “life changing” are wondrous sacred things.

So…what’s on your heart & mind that you’d like to feel better about?

Let’s answer your soul’s burning questions and gently stir your ancient stardust that we all have within.

How can I help your ancient stardust shine today?

What people are saying...

Places you've seen me through the years...

Need Help Now?

You’re in safe, expert, experienced hands here.
I use my wayshower super powers as a Channel, Healer, Mystic & Soul Specialist
to help change lives and empower yours!

Let’s support YOUR ENERGY HEALING & Empower Your Empathic Soul…so you can Level-up!

Clients call my work Life Changing.

Whether you’re an empath, bestselling author, CEO, doctor, attorney, healer, professional, creative, athlete, Lightworker, educator, HSP, retiree, parent, partner, or a heart-centered soulpreneur —
you’re in good company here!

Ready to level up?

Expert Author of 
~ The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Divining the Future

~ Award Winning Meditations

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“Something led you here…
Perhaps the ancient stardust in you is stirring,
calling you… maybe you have questions, or need help.
We all do sometimes.

Welcome to a safe place, a place to
Feel inspired and empowered.
I’m glad you’re here!”

~ Laura Scott