Is My Dog Psychic?

Dear Laura, My dog knows when I am coming home even though it is a different time each day. He waits for me at the window. How could he know? Is he psychic? –Stacey Jill Dear SJ, Yes, but in a different way than us humans are. Companion animals are very sensitive to our energy. ... Read more

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Grieving from Animal Euthanasia

Dear Laura, This year I lost my beautiful pet Jason. He was put to sleep do to complications from diabetes. I often wonder if I did the right thing, and does he know how much I love him? I told him that when he got Home to let me know he made it alright. That ... Read more

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Please Explain Reincarnation More

Dear Laura, I believe in reincarnation but what about my pets? Do dogs reincarnate as dogs? Or cats as cats? Could my deceased loved ones reincarnate as my next pet or do people always reincarnate as people and dogs as dogs, etc.? If my dog dies, I was told I could ask for him to ... Read more

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Are Animals Healers?

Dear Laura, Why do you say that animals are healers? Curious Hi Curious, great question! Because they are. Studies show that petting animals lowers blood pressure, eases depression, changes heart rates and lifts the spirit. More and more animals are becoming healing partners by being utilized as therapy animals for the elderly, ailing, children with ... Read more

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