No Signs From Deceased Dad Yet

Dear Laura, I often hear about people feeling the presence, or getting signs from their loved one who passed away. My father died about a year and a half ago, where were very close since I was a baby, and I loved him very much. I look for signs that he is around me, but ... Read more

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How Can I Develop My Own Psychic Powers?

Dear Laura, How can I develop my own psychic powers? Sincerely, –Shirley Dear Shirley, For starters, pick up a copy of the Ancient Stardust Progress Journal that I just created. It’s a special journal workbook that demystifies the journaling process and increases your intuition by showing you how to track your own progress. You don’t ... Read more

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When Will My Spiritual Awakening Come?

Dear Laura, When will I experience spiritual awakening? I turn 42 next Tuesday. Thank you for your time and consideration. Blessings, Julia Dear Julia, You have charted it as a gradual, ongoing thing. Surrender the notion of age and limits. Use your Progress journal© to watch the process unfold. Happy Solar Return!

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How To Find or Have Faith

Dear Laura, I am someone who has been very pessimistic and insecure for all her life. I have read a lot of materials on synchronicities. I can see them all right. Not that I don’t feel grateful for them, but there are times I just seem not to be able to bring myself to really ... Read more

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What Do Vivid Technicolor Dreams Mean?

Dear Laura, Sometimes I dream vivid dreams of a beautiful place in vivid technicolor. When I wake up I feel sad that the dream is over. What does this mean? What are these dreams trying to tell me? Why do I feel so sad to wake up? K. Hello K., You are on The Other ... Read more

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Understanding Your Dream Images And Symbols

Dear Laura, I keep having a dream about a monkey. When I looked it up in dream books, I felt even more confused. What does the monkey mean? — a friend of Jane Goodall Dear Friend, Fear not! Although countless authors feel they have an exclusive handle on dream interpretation, I use a different approach. ... Read more

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