The Other Side

No Signs From Deceased Dad Yet

Dear Laura, I often hear about people feeling the presence, or getting signs from their loved one who passed away. My father died about a year and a half ago, where were very close since I was a baby, and I loved him very much. I look for signs that he is around me, but ... Read more

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Five Year Old Talks To Angels In Her Sleep

Dear Laura, My 5 year old daughter keeps telling me that she talks to the angels when she sleeps. At first this was cute, but now I am beginning to worry that she is too obsessed with it. She has very vivid dreams and nightmares, and also talks in her sleep. What do you think ... Read more

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Is My Dog Psychic?

Dear Laura, My dog knows when I am coming home even though it is a different time each day. He waits for me at the window. How could he know? Is he psychic? –Stacey Jill Dear SJ, Yes, but in a different way than us humans are. Companion animals are very sensitive to our energy. ... Read more

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When We Cross Over, What Do We See?

Dear Laura, I have been interested in psychic mediums and have been following most of their work. I have just been wondering that when we cross over are we able to see and experience the whole picture as in outer space or are we limited to earth? Thank you. –Christine T. Hi Christine, Thanks for ... Read more

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How Can I Be Sure My Brother Is At Peace?

Greetings, I would like to know if and how we can send good wishes to our deceased love ones. I once heard a medium tell a woman to “send him good thoughts”. How can I be sure that my brother is at peace? –Sio Dear Sio, The reason for sending our deceased loved ones ‘good ... Read more

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Why Do Some People Only Channel Certain Beings?

Dear Laura, I have heard some say they channel only specific beings from The Other Side, or only guides or only angels….so why is it different? Like a radio frequency to The Other Side? Only one station or the other? –Anon Dear Anon, Yes, you could say that. It has to do with individual’s wiring ... Read more

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Just Another Coincidence?

Dear Laura, I’m 17 years old and I have noticed that some strange things have been happening to me. My uncle died a few months ago and the night he died my cousin range my mobile screaming for help, but what’s strange is that every night I make sure I put my phone on silent ... Read more

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Logic Vs. Intuition & Synchronicity

Dear Laura, What do you advise those who are new at using the tools you speak of in your recent book, when signs and synchronicities point in a direction that does not seem wise logically or on the surface? Should making a change go smoothly if it’s the right thing to do? If, in making ... Read more

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What Do Vivid Technicolor Dreams Mean?

Dear Laura, Sometimes I dream vivid dreams of a beautiful place in vivid technicolor. When I wake up I feel sad that the dream is over. What does this mean? What are these dreams trying to tell me? Why do I feel so sad to wake up? K. Hello K., You are on The Other ... Read more

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Can Someone Have Memories Of Being On The Other Side?

Dear Laura Is it possible for someone to have memories of being on the Other Side? –JF Yes it is! This phenomena is more common amongst older souls who often have a sense of homesickness for something that doesn’t exist here on earth. Others experience a blurring of boundaries catching snatches of memories and recollections ... Read more

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What Is The Nature Of Time? Why Must We Age?

Laura, Could you please explain to myself and your readers the nature of time in our lives and the important role it plays? For example, why must we age? Also, what importance is there in being “born” to a particular time and place? Thank you! Wade Werner Hello Wade, Thank you for your juicy questions. ... Read more

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Do People Ever Share Angels And Guides?

Hello, I am wondering if each person on earth has their own angel(s) and spirit guides or do people ever share angels and guides? The reason for this question is because there are so many people on earth, are there as many angels and spirit guides for EACH individual? Thank you, Mila Hi Mila, thanks ... Read more

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No Peace With The Loss Of A Loved One

Hi Laura, I really haven’t been at peace with the loss of my loved one. There are specific reasons why and they really make me extremely sad. I have heard spirits see things differently when they reach the other side. I feel my loved one doesn’t look at me the same way as they did ... Read more

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Why Do Some Souls Choose Such Difficult Paths?

Dear Laura, What is the current explanation for why this life is so miserable for so many people (Rwanda, Haiti, Sudan, and inner city ghettos everywhere, etc) while others appear to have a much easier time? I’m asking this question with the supposition that we make pre-birth agreements and choose our existences. What could be ... Read more

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Are Guides And Angels Always Watching?

Dear Laura, Do angles and guides or spirit beings watch us whenever they want or need to, or are they always around us watching? If so, do they see everything we do? — Suddenly Self-conscious in Watertown Dear Suddenly, This is a great question. I don’t want to overwhelm you, but in addition to our ... Read more

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Haunted and Pursued By The Number 13

Dear Laura, Although this question may not be of benefit to a wide audience I so hope you will consider answering it. I simply don’t know where to turn for advice regarding this problem. I am haunted by the number 13. I don’t fear the number or have a phobia regarding it, but I am ... Read more

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