Frustrated Businessman Seeks Self-Employment Permission

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Dear Laura,
Since last September, I have been wanting to leave my corporate job (of 12 years) and start my own small business. This would mean giving up the success and title I have achieved, the security of regular paychecks, benefits and health insurance–at least initially. My wife and friends think I am crazy to want to leave my so-called prestigious position for less. I feel if I don’t try I will never know. Do you have any thoughts?

Dear PT, I have a great cartoon hanging in my office that has the image of a big shot business man, sitting behind a very large desk, talking to an underling. The big wig says, “When I was little, all I wanted to be was a rich and powerful business man. Now that I am one, what I really want to be is a fireman.” This sounds a lot like you. All I can say is that if your heart is calling you then I truly hope you can find a way to heed it soon, before the price of not heeding it becomes too high. Sit down with your wife and show her your business plan. Convince her why it will work, and what the time frame is for doing do. Help her to understand why your spirit needs this. I wish you much success!