Choosing The Right Psychic Medium

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Dear Laura,
Yesterday, I thought I would treat myself to an early birthday gift and, following some careful research on the OfSpirit website, booked an appointment with a psychic medium of high repute. I have always been interested in these things and have had some prior experiences many years ago which hinted at there being more to life. The medium was a nice man and the reading was so far off base it was, well silly, and provided zero validation for me. Based on this, I keep feeling as thought I want to cry and that all of this spirit stuff is garbage. What can I do about this crisis of faith?

Dear D,

I am sorry that your experience was such a let down. Although we psychic mediums are human and do have bad days, most reputable professionals would be open to hearing from you and talking with you about your concerns.

This is also why it’s so important when choosing a professional that you listen to your own intuition and how you feel about their voice, their office, their ability to interact with you , etc. – and to choose a practitioner that you feel drawn to. Remember, the intuitive arts are not a one size fits all. And one bad reading does not mean the whole thing is bunk–just like one bad dentist does not make them all quacks, or one friend’s idea of a perfect meal may be the complete opposite from yours.

The one thing you need to hold onto here is your faith. Use this experience as a way to learn and to grow. What can you do differently in the future to help ensure a good reading? First, use your intuition to be guided to the right practitioner at the right time. We are all different, some specializing in different things than others. Find the right match. Second, examine your expectations. Make sure that you are keeping it reasonable. Third, plan your session for when you have time to slow down and relax, perhaps doing some breathing or meditating on your intentions and expectations beforehand. Fourth: Remember that you have the power to end a session if you are uncomfortable, and that ultimately, you are always responsible for you.