Just Another Coincidence?

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Dear Laura,
I’m 17 years old and I have noticed that some strange things have been happening to me. My uncle died a few months ago and the night he died my cousin range my mobile screaming for help, but what’s strange is that every night I make sure I put my phone on silent but that particular night I left my phone on loud. Is that just a coincidence? Also when I was on holiday I was trying to find an old friends mobile number but I deleted it. Then that night I got a text message from that person! Is this just another coincidence?

Dear Curious,

There is no such thing as a coincidence. That is a man-made term to try to dismiss things our ego’s can’t quantify. There is only synchronicity. Divine Order. The situation with your friend involves energetically connecting with each other on the ethers. It is a form of intuitive development when you can begin to send and receive messages telepathically. Most people can relate to this scenario. They pick up the phone to call someone, and before they can dial, the other person is ringing them. Enjoy it! It’s all part of the synchronistic flow.