Logic Vs. Intuition & Synchronicity

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Dear Laura,
What do you advise those who are new at using the tools you speak of in your recent book, when signs and synchronicities point in a direction that does not seem wise logically or on the surface? Should making a change go smoothly if it’s the right thing to do? If, in making a change, problems and greater risks seem to keep “popping up”, does this mean the proposed action is not in line with the flow of the universe?

I’m struggling with a decision about making a move to another state, mainly for the sake of my husband’s professional peace of mind. I would say the signs I’ve noticed seem to indicate we should go forward. My concern, however, is that to make this move requires a lot of sacrifice and logically most people would not take this risk on face value.

I hold you and your work in the highest regard and hope you can provide some insight to ease the anxiety of making this decision.


Dear Carolyn,

Intuition and Divine Direction are not meant to be logical. Neither are synchronicities. I’ve seen some great messages and opportunities be missed and dismissed through the fear based thinking of the human mind. Synchronicities aren’t from the earth plane. They are from Divine. Even if you spent every waking hour trying to recreate them you couldn’t.

The “problems” you mention popping up are really just opportunities, ‘pop quizes’ from the Universe. It goes something like this: On the Other Side: “Hey Mortie, did you hear that Carolyn’s family has finally decided to take our advice and make a leap of faith? She says that she is really getting it and wants to do it!” (Sounds of cheers and jubilation) Then as the cheers ebb, another guide says: “Awesome, now let’s send them a pop quiz to see if they really mean it,” and hence your ‘challenges’ appear.

Our ego uses these tests and quizzes to quickly talk us out of our greatness and move us away from our spiritual center. My advice to you is this: Go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This is because the Universe rewards willingness. Stay positive and use visualization, affirming and manifesting to show the Universe what outcome you would like, and then leave Them room to do even better!