How Can I Be Sure My Brother Is At Peace?

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Greetings, I would like to know if and how we can send good wishes to our deceased love ones. I once heard a medium tell a woman to “send him good thoughts”. How can I be sure that my brother is at peace?

Dear Sio,

The reason for sending our deceased loved ones ‘good thoughts’ is actually quite simple. Once we leave the body, we (that is our spirit) is pure energy. And, here on earth, our thoughts contain energy. Energy understands energy. Your brother, like so many on The Other Side, can hear and sense your mental energy. Truly, he is only a thought away! Sending him good thoughts is an energetic equivalent to sending someone on earth a card, ‘just because you were thinking of them’, or leaving a message on their answering machine. Your brother is fine, and has done a lot of healing on The Other Side. Your issue is understanding and embracing that his peace increases when he knows that you are truly well. When he hears you worry less, he worries about you less, it’s that simple. So, send him your good thoughts, and know that he gets them. In time, you will see him again, but for now, you will have to use the ‘energetic postcards’ we all have at our disposal. AND! When thoughts of him ”pop” into your mind, you an know that he has just sent you an energetic postcard back!