Violent Tragedy, Are My Loved Ones At Peace?

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I have been told that when a loved one leaves this world in a violent matter, they may not make it to the other side until their soul is at peace. How do I tell if they did make it to the other side? How do I know if their soul is at peace? I am having a hard time with a recent tragedy in my immediate family and have so many unanswered questions. Thank you.

Dear Barbara,

I am sorry for your loss. You have been through a lot. I don’t know who told you that info, but it is rather incomplete. When souls leave the body, be it through natural circumstances, tragedy, violence or otherwise… a myriad of things can happen. Some souls will choose to ‘leap out’ before the actual event of death, only to watch it in a detached way–like watching a movie unfold, before heading into the tunnel. Others move directly to the tunnel with great clarity and purpose. Still others may move through the tunnel feeling peaceful, but confused about how they got there. There are many options. Some souls may choose not to enter the tunnel immediately and remain earth bound.

Take heart Barbara, your loved one was swiftly moved through the tunnel and into the cocooning chamber for healing on The Other Side. During that time, they are placed under careful guidance and protection. You can help by sending them prayers of love and peace …AND by knowing that they have been released from any suffering and are in a truly wonderful place. Your healing and peaceful state of mind will make their healing that much more complete.