Why Do Some People Only Channel Certain Beings?

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Dear Laura,
I have heard some say they channel only specific beings from The Other Side, or only guides or only angels….so why is it different? Like a radio frequency to The Other Side? Only one station or the other?

Dear Anon,

Yes, you could say that. It has to do with individual’s wiring and also with their soul contracts and what we have each charted for. I am able to communicate with Spirit Guides, Angels, Master Teachers, The Committee, deceased loved ones and more. Some mediums excel at solely communication from deceased loved ones, others specialize in angel communication, or animal communication or endless other ways. Remember, we are each as unique as our own DNA, so naturally there would be just as diverse and unique choices when it comes to channeling and mediumship. That is why BestPsychicMediums.com is such a good place to start in your search for qualified mediums. Bob Olson, the man who created that site, was quite a skeptic himself–who came to discover just how important it is to find a good match and a qualified medium when you are seeking information!