When We Cross Over, What Do We See?

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Dear Laura,

I have been interested in psychic mediums and have been following most of their work. I have just been wondering that when we cross over are we able to see and experience the whole picture as in outer space or are we limited to earth? Thank you.
–Christine T.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your question. Yes, we have access to the whole picture and then some. Once we are no longer bound by the limited earthly mind…literally, the sky is the limit. Want to ‘live’ in a house? picture it, and click, you’ve got it! Interested in attending the lectures in Sector 5? Whoosh, you are there. Someone you love getting married on earth? Presto, you are in the viewing room celebrating. Feeling social? zap, you are off in a large area communing with friends. Pretty awesome, eh?

Laura Scott
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