Can A Body Walk Around Without A Spirit Or A Soul?

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Dear Laura,
Can a body walk about without a spirit or soul? Someone said there were more babies born than spirits wanting to incarnate and so minions or animal spirits inhabit those bodies.

Dear D .T.,

There are a LOT of schools of thought out there, and I have not way of knowing who you are specifically quoting. I will say this, we are seeing the highest population ever here on earth, and but this has more to do with a burgeoning interest on The Other Side of beings who want to come in to experience life on earth now. We are undergoing a renaissance of sorts here on earth in terms of spiritual awakening and shifting and that is garnering a lot of energetic attention. This attracts interest from many realms of the galaxy…so those from other galactic forms and shapes are coming in, but it’s not at all as scary or epidemic that some theorists would have us believe. There are many Universal Laws at work, and all bodies must have a spirit or life force as part of Divine Contract, even animals, and plants!