No Signs From Deceased Dad Yet

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Dear Laura,
I often hear about people feeling the presence, or getting signs from their loved one who passed away. My father died about a year and a half ago, where were very close since I was a baby, and I loved him very much. I look for signs that he is around me, but I don’t see or feel his presence. Am I doing something wrong or trying to hard? Please give me some info on what I could do to let me know he is near? Thank you.
–Mary Ann Jesuino

Dear Mary Ann,

I hear this question a lot. The problem is that we are wired here on earth with a much more linear mind than universal energy. The signs can be all around us and we dismiss them–for lack of certainty or ‘proof.’ Try to relax and let go of the idea of connecting with him at all. Sometimes trying too hard can shut down the flow of things. I suggest you make a synchronicity journal. Start by banishing the word coincidence from your vocabulary. Every time we call something a coincidence, we are missing an opportunity to connect in with The Other Side. Make a habit to jot down all the synchronistic things that are happening on a daily or weekly basis. Use gratitude to talk to your father, with faith that he does indeed hear you, and then watch for the synchronistic signs….hearing his laughter, times when he would say ‘way to go!’, having electrical interferences with lights, or phones, or electronics. Affirm that: “despite appearances, everything in my life is working for good. And so it is. Amen.” Remember, our loved ones are doing the best they can. Only the language they use to talk with us has changed, that is all. Love is eternal.