Is It Better To Target Prayer Or Spread It Out?

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Dear Laura,
I want to pray or program for the safety and health of the people of Iraq and our own armed forces, but I feel I might be wasting my energy. War of any kind pains me. Is it fruitful to pray for an entire people, or is the energy dissipated because it is too vast a request?

Dear Merrillee,

Many people have been reaching out to me since the war began and are looking for answers and direction. Whenever it’s possible, please limit the amount of news you are listening to each day (this is good advice for ALL times). While it is important to be informed, it is also important not to overwhelm yourself and jeopardize your health and well-being. If you would like to do something, but don’t know exactly what, then pray! Did you know that science today now supports the power of prayer with several ground breaking studies? The results have been unanimous…prayer works! No matter what your affiliation or indoctrination. No matter whether you do it on the way to the gym, or by sitting in a church, or on a mat in the full lotus position. It works! If the pharmaceutical companies could figure out a way to put the power of prayer into a pill, they’d have a cure for everything! If you want to learn more about the power of prayer and the ground breaking studies being done around the globe, check out the work of Dr. Larry Dossey, for starters.

The Universe receives all prayer requests with equal reverence and solemnity. From the person praying for their beloved ailing pet, to another facing bankruptcy, to the someone praying for an “A” on their finals, and another asking for understanding in their family, and another still, fearing for their personal safety. Whether it’s a precise request or a broad one, studies show that prayer works. The newest evidence shows that the nuances of prayer can create varying levels of accomplishment all within the genre of successful results -with some prayers being even more successful than others. This is not linked to any particular religion or creed, or worthiness of request or requestee, but moreover, it seems that those who leave room in their prayers for God to work magic (as opposed to trying to direct God’s results), often see the greatest results.

Use the power of prayer to help you feel more at peace. When we are each at peace, then we can be empowered. What you decide to do with that empowerment is up to you… You might send peace and prayers out for everyone involved. You might pray for the leaders of the world to act in line with The Highest and The Best for all beings concerned. You might visualize waves of peace and Higher Understanding washing over us and uniting us all. You might pray for healing for all those affected. Any of these would be wonderful gifts to give not only yourself, but to the rest of the world community as well.