Can I Connect with Deceased Loved Ones Without A Medium?

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Dear Laura,
I just “found” you via Bob Olson as he was our guest host tonight in the James Van Praagh chat room…thru the links provided to his sites, I then found your column. 2 years ago I had a horrible loss. My grief led me to learning about spiritual visits, connections, etc. I was very fortunate to find a gifted and authentic reader. I had a wonderful reading and am so grateful for that…but feel I am now dependant upon my medium. I look forward to getting readings to connect to my loved one and understand that it is not good to have this dependency.

I want so very much to be able to connect to my loved one by myself without the help or dependency of a medium, but until I can learn how to do this myself I must depend on someone else to do it for me. I want to SEE, to HEAR, to be able to receive messages from my loved one in the same way a medium would.. is this possible? Or do I simply just have to be content with any signs that are sent that my loved one is with me? Do you have any thoughts on how I can make this happen???

I understand meditation is a big part of this but I am not able to relax enough to focus on it, my mind actually goes to other things such as chores, etc. Any and all help you can give me will be heartfelt. I thank God for you and others like you, that you have this gift to help us who are in such deep pits of grief and sadness.
Love and Light, Lori

Dear Lori, I am sorry for your loss. Your letter covers quite a few different issues. First, I am thrilled that you have had positive results from a gifted and authentic reader. For those people still looking for such, visit and find the person best suited to your needs. Bob Olson, the site’s founder, was a former skeptic and private investigator who wanted to help others find the genuine help and insight they needed. This site benefits thousands and thousands around the globe.

Second, many people find regular comfort in mediumship readings (conveying messages to clients from the departed). For some people it is a regular appointment, no different a necessity than a haircut, dental checkup, or oil change for their car. For others, it is a one time or random appointment, and for others, like yourself, there is a desire to move and grow in yet another direction. All of these scenarios are okay, since there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Third, for some, desiring to go to the next step is a natural part of their growth and grieving process. Everyone is wired for a form of intuition, but not everyone cares to access it or identify it. In my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Divining the Future, I talk about many different forms of intuition and walk you through exercises to see how your own innate wiring is set up. Some people are wired for telepathy, others for clairsentience, others for mediumship, others for body intuition, and so on. If you aren’t naturally ‘wired’ for mediumship, that can be a hurdle-but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be done, it just means you have to work more to learn the language and adjust to the frequency.

You mention’ just having to be content with any signs that are sent that my loved one is with me’ in a way that makes it sound as if this plethora of miraculous synchronicities is some sort of lesser consolation prize to mediumship. Let me assure you, it is most definitely not! Please do not trivialize the power of receiving these signs and blessings, and their profound impact on our daily lives. If ‘all you ever got’ was signs, you would still be immeasurably blessed!

Fourth, meditation is a great way to step out of the ego driven mind and into the space where loved ones, healing and more can reach us. There are many different kinds of meditation-some easier to use and see results with than others. Guided meditation is the easiest form for most of us. I recommend my new CD, Higher Purpose, that is part of my Ancient Stardust Tools for Change CD Series. The Higher Purpose CD was designed to lead you through a mind walk journey that’s filled with opportunities to connect with angels, spirit guides, animal totems and more. A powerful phenomena has been taking place during this meditation-deceased loved ones are coming to visit with participants throughout this fascinating journey. The feedback to my office has been overwhelming and deeply moving. Start practicing with the CD and it will help you to ‘condition’ your intuitive muscles, as well as provide a portal through which you can speak with your loved ones on The Other Side. The soothing music will transport you into an altered state and you will feel deeply relaxed and re-energized when done.

Fifth, record your meditation experiences in your journal so you can watch your progress unfold. You are keeping a journal – right? The Ancient Stardust Progress Journal is ideal for this type of spiritual work.

Sixth, relax. Expectations can clog up the channels where Divine connection flows. Shift your expectation and embrace the awesome power of those Divine moments I mentioned in step 3. Good luck to you Lori!

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.