Suggestions to Connect With Guides After Loss of A Loved One

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Dear Laura,
I recently experienced the loss of my dear brother. Like Bob Olson, a real skeptic and one who usually reasons away strange occurrences, I found myself experiencing a strong sense of his presence. Telling myself that it was grief that was causing these feelings, I tried to put them away. However, they began to occur more frequently as time passed, not less. I began researching the spirit world, through books, internet and finally had a couple of readings with mediums. In my search, I began to feel pulled to connect with my own spirit guides and have begun meditation exercises to do so. I pray for clarity and the discipline to help me in my endeavor and I am working on patience but know that lessons in trust are coming! Patience is a hard one for me but trust – well that one scares me! I know that it must be a process but would love to know what you suggestions you could offer.
Love and Light, –Vikki

Dear Vikki,

First, my condolences over your loss. Good job using this event as a catalyst for personal growth and learning. Your brother is very proud of you. Continue to use this sacred time as a time of being present. Keep a journal of the synchronistic events unfolding around you. Use a Zen approach: Observe and be present. Never force. Remember, you do not have to hold the sun up in the sky, or the stars for that matter. You do not personally control the tides. Nature shows us over and over again how to have faith in the larger scheme of things. Everything is happening exactly on time.