Can Spirits See Us, Hear Us and Read Our Notes?

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Dear Laura,
I’m very new to this having only lost my dear Dad nearly 4 weeks ago. Although I’m coping well to others, I write to my Dad on my PC every night telling him of the day’s events and my thoughts as we would have chatted when he was alive and it makes me feel better. I went to a Medium reading today but Dad didn’t mention he could “read” or “knew” of the letters and I’m left wondering whether he can or not, as the other information given from him was accurate about what’s been happening. Can you tell me if Spirits can see us, hear our voices/thoughts or read?
Yours hopefully, Irene R.

Dear Irene,

My heartfelt condolences over your loss. The answers to your questions are yes, yes/yes, and no. Grief is a very personal and unique process. Everyone finds their own way to cope and navigate as it makes sense to them. I think your ritual of continued communication is beautiful.

Your father has only left his earthy body while his spirit continues to live on. He is aware of how you are doing and the events that concern you, however it’s not that he is specifically ‘reading your notes’ –more so, your thoughts. He knows you are writing to him because he often sits with you, to your left as you are clicking away. In time, if you choose to you can also train yourself to become more aware of his presence and listen for his responses. You might wish to bridge your beautiful nightly ritual into an ongoing conversation with him throughout the day.

There is no right or wrong here. When you need your father to know something he is just a thought away. As you shift into different phases of grief and healing, you will find yourself touched by his responses, messages, and ‘hugs’ of synchronicity. Until then, be gentle with yourself Irene, this loss is very very new and you are doing the best that you can.