Dear Laura,
I am someone who has been very pessimistic and insecure for all her life. I have read a lot of materials on synchronicities. I can see them all right. Not that I don’t feel grateful for them, but there are times I just seem not to be able to bring myself to really trust them, especially when obstacles are in sight! Laura, I know that to have faith is a (if not THE) lesson I have to learn for my life. But what I don’t know is: HOW?
Yours sincerely,
anonymous from Hong Kong

Dear Anonymous,

Good question. Faith is about trusting that a Higher Order is always at work despite immediate appearances to the contrary. It’s knowing that you don’t have to hold up the stars, rotate the planets or move the tides… And if such colossal and essential things are taken care of with intricate design and regard, surely so too are the things in your own life. The main thing that interferes with faith is our human ego. Train yourself to suspend the ego and you will find that your faith increases many fold. Use the Ancient Stardust Progress Journal to document the synchronicities in the special section, as well as your gratitude. This will serve as your ‘truth proof’ for when you are feeling negative or doubtful. The Bach Flower Essence: Gentian is designed to help with pessimism.