What Do Vivid Technicolor Dreams Mean?

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Dear Laura,
Sometimes I dream vivid dreams of a beautiful place in vivid technicolor. When I wake up I feel sad that the dream is over. What does this mean? What are these dreams trying to tell me? Why do I feel so sad to wake up?

Hello K.,

You are on The Other Side in those vivid dreams. Some of the hallmarks of being on The Other Side in a dream are: that the dreams take place in a wonder-filled rosy light (similar to sunrise and sunset, although it is neither); the colors, sounds, textures and such are 100 times more intense and uplifting; and lastly, when you wake up, you feel homesick and sad, wishing you could have stayed in that beautiful , magical place longer.

You can begin to practice ‘conscious dreaming’ or ‘lucid dreaming’ by training yourself to recognize when you are on The Other Side during dream state and writing down your dreams in (I recommend the Ancient Stardust Progress Journal for it’s dream section and workbook qualities) the very moment you wake up, before the dream fades off. You may even want to write it down in the middle of the night, so make sure you keep your tools handy and in working order.

P.S. Try to notice to the familiar crowd around you in the rosy glow of those dreams, those are your spirit guides!