Overcoming a Difficult Soul Plan

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Hi Laura,
I was born to a teenage mother and heroine addicted father who later abandoned us. My mother was so shamed that she was pregnant with me that she refused to name me. I was told that a nun/nurse working in the Labor and delivery room named me.
My life has been a ton of struggles since day one, but I still feel so optimistic and blessed. I have some many talents and understandings that always shock and amaze me, but I still feel scattered with it, and feeling like I am grasping at straws in living my purpose. But I do believe before I leave earth, I am going to affect many people in a positive way. Question, am I correct about the belief, and which direction should I take from here on end?
Many Blessings, Keesha M.

Dear beautiful Keesha,

You are a miracle! Divine! Perfect exactly as is! You are an old soul friend, and in true old soul fashion your attitude, demeanor, and outlook serve as a beacon to all who come in contact with you. You are living your life purpose whenever you are living your truth…your joy….which in your case includes helping others, inspiring others, being a power of example to others. Pursue a field that includes this and advocacy, check out opportunities awaiting you in law.

No matter what our birth story, our biological inheritance, our upbringings…our attitude about these things is a choice. We can choose to live as if everything is a miracle…. or… that nothing is. Whichever we chose becomes our reality. Girl, you came here to be the powerful positive force that you are and you charted to show folks that it IS possible, despite how your ‘dance card’ looks on the surface. Live on, live strong dear Keesha! Your success is the world’s success!

much love,


Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.