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Sometimes having vibes means expressing something unpopular and standing alone, knowing what you know. Several years ago I was contacted by a colleague prior to an east coast event they were having, seems their host’s teenage daughter had disappeared and everyone involved was quite alarmed and feared the worst. Other colleagues were asked to give their thoughts, and without exception, they all felt the girl had perished and this would be a tragedy involving a search for a body.

I took a deep breath and weighed in against the tide. “I feel she is alive and well, hanging with a boyfriend in some beautiful, picturesque outdoors, where it’s rocky and elevated, like Colorado.” My view was so different from what others expressed, that it landed with a loud, thankless thud. The silence was deafening. If I was wrong I risked being called unprofessional, untalented, uncaring, or worse, as those weighing in on the opposite direction were so sure, they had pretty much staked their reputations on it.

A couple days later I hadn’t heard any news so I mustered up the courage of my conviction and contacted the colleague to see what the updates were.
“Oh, didn’t I tell you? She was discovered alive and well, off camping with her boyfriend in Colorado,” came the short reply back. No big thank you or confetti. Just my own quiet tingles.
Sometimes in life that’s all you have, knowing what you know and the big picture. Inner strength is a pretty cool reward that comes from it too.

I’ve been living with ‘the knowing switch on’ for as long as I can remember. Now, over five decades later I still feel the same about it as I did when I was 5—which is matter of fact. Life is easier when we trust our vibes and stand up for what we intutively know. The Universe uses this to help propel us. When we listen we get momentum, things line up quicker and easier. Plus it’s a fun way to be In Sync With The Flow as I like to call It.

A few decades ago I was driving home from a long day working at a client’s. It was dark out, well past 9 pm and I was humming along on the highway, my mind wandering. Out of the darkness I heard ‘the suggestion’ from my guides and The Masters. It took my by surprise: “Stop, and get fish.”
“Stop and get fish?! What the bleep? It’s after 9pm, cold out and dark,” I argued. “I’m tired. I don’t need fish.” But back it came “Stop, and get fish.”
Not one to outvote The Masters, I relinquished, “okay, okay, I’m getting off the exit. I’ll stop at the grocery store and get fish. This better be good!”

But I could feel it, it already was. As soon as I went with the knowing, and quickly caught the exit ramp before it went past, I could hear, feel, sense, and taste the excitement building. I arrived at the store, parked and walked to the entrance, my eyes scanning for details or clues.  Inside the store was brightly lit, and nothing seemed out of ordinary. On the way in I grabbed a cold shopping cart and figured I’d get a few things, “might as well, already here.”

As I finished the walk through the colorful produce aisle, there before me loomed the fish counter. Behind it was a nondescript middle aged white man. He was finishing up with another customer. I eyed the choices inside the counter, decided on the captain’s cut cod, and waited my turn. Still nothing remarkable happening, but the cod loin looked great and I was feeling anticipatory. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Next. Yes ma’m, what’ll you have?” the fella behind the counter asked.
“Pound and half of the cod loin please,” I replied.
“Sure thing!” he said and started gently whistling.
“You’re in a chipper mood,” I said smiling.

“Well,” he said smiling back as he worked, “a while ago I died on the table during open heart surgery. The place I saw, the things I felt, what I knew there, it was incredible. And I knew if I had to come back here to earth and keep working, nothing, NO THING would ever have the power over me ever again to ruin my day.

No siree. I know what I know, and I know what I saw in Heaven. All this stuff?”…he motioned his arms to include everything around us as he wrapped white paper around thick pieces of fish, “it’s not real; None of it. It’s not really what matters. What matters is our choices and how we treat others. So I know what I want to do. I want to have a hotdog cart, work for myself, and travel around to concerts and events, just enjoy serving hotdogs and talking with people. I’ll be ready to start that soon.” He giggled to himself as he reached on his wrist for a piece of tape, “I know what I know, and that makes things that I used to see as complicated very very simple now. I will not have a bad day ever again. Not ever. No one has that power over me now but me.” He handed me the neatly wrapped cod. “Anything else?”

“Uh, wow, no, I think that more than covers it. Wow! Thanks! Thanks a lot! Pleasure seeing you here tonight, and good luck with your hotdog cart! It will be wonderful, I know you’ll do great! Really great! God Bless!”

Best fish I ever tasted.

The Guides were right. Sometimes you have to just stop and trust the vibes. Know what you know. Listen. Take the exit ramp.

Sometimes you are the exit ramp.

I’ve been chosen a lot professionally to be the shepherd prior to someone’s crossing…either directly or indirectly. Death is part of my job as a professional channel for healing and psychic. Each case is different. I know others count on me to share what I know in these roles, to comfort, ease suffering, lessen anxiety, offer peace, insight, or escort them across, all an incredibly humbling honor.

How does all that happen? That’s God’s job. The Universe handles the how. My job is to be willing, show up and know what I know.

A few weeks ago I was asked to help my dear friend’s elderly father with his crossing, he was hospitalized with end stage colon cancer in another part of the country. So I quieted myself in my corner of the world, lit the incense and candles on my altar, slipped into a prayerful trance, tuned in and ‘saw’ my friend’s father energetically, he was moving slowing up a long, long ramp, confused at first, uncertain, we began to ‘talk’ telepathically, up he went, slowly gaining bits of realization and confidence as we telepathically spoke, he started gaining some excitement, began looking quite dapper in a handsome suit, getting noticeably younger as he neared the top of this very long ramp, with a glorious Arc Angel on each side of him, up up he went until finally reaching the top, where he stepped on board a big happy cruise ship. He looked back to smile at me and gently waved, tipping his hat. I felt my face smile back, even in trance.

He was finally ready. My friend called the next morning sounding distressed, “Dad is still here, he hasn’t left yet.”
“I know it’s hard, such a rough time, everyone try to stay calm.” I relayed all the beautiful details of the scene from the night prior, “Try to stop worrying if you can, he is safely on board, they just haven’t left yet.”
A few hours later, her dad’s ship gently left the dock.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.