Why Isn’t Spirit Life Clearer and More Accessible?

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Something that has always concerned me, is why God or Jesus, has never made spirit life clearer to us? For people like yourself, you have many of the answers, but to others without your gifts, we struggle on year after year, hearing different versions and not knowing quite who to believe. This is so frustrating, and more upsetting, when you pray always for understanding and wisdom, yet it doesn’t come. Why is this?

Hello Patricia,

Ah yes, your questions are about the perpetual struggle of ego vs. faith. Ego is an earthly condition, one that we ALL have to deal with (mediums and psychics included!). Although we can expect ego to press on us regularly, we’ll somehow continually forget that and then feel the pain of contraction that comes from what we perceive as ‘blows’ to our ego over and over again. Spirit life is made evident to us by spirits, angels, guides, Ascended Masters and more on a regular basis, but most folks are so busy rushing about that they miss the many small signs because they are waiting for only the really big ones.

Both professionals and non-professionals can access information on spirit life. Meditation is one powerful way. Reading books and comparing point of views is another. Writing down your dreams and looking for common threads is another. Simply asking your guides for daily assistance with specific things is another. Writing down their synchronisitic responses and events in a journal becomes a powerful tool for ‘proof’ and is just one of the reasons I created the Ancient Stardust Progress Journal…to help folks just like you feel more connected with spirit.

Spirit life is quite vast and limitless. The burden of gravity and corporeal limitations are no longer present. Some spirits choose to be quite social, some choose to ‘work’ towards the greater good, others enjoy attending events. Let me ask you, how does one define an Infinite Vibrational Experience with the limitations of our own languages here? Anyone who has ever translated from one language to another knows that each language has it’s own limitations for describing things be it emotions, scenarios or situations. Each interpreter can have their own way of relaying what they see. What one culture defines with a simple gesture, the same gesture in another culture has an entirely different meaning! Seemingly small things like the casual wave of a hand can cause a chain reaction of other meanings as my Greek friends explained to me this summer. With our own human languages so limited and always ego born, it’s understandable to see why frustration occurs when trying to describe something so vast and limitless.

Believe what feels right to you Patricia, there is no right or wrong here if you are making your decisions based on love and the place of willingness. What works for you and makes sense to you is what matters. What works for each of us now will likely change and evolve to something else down the road as we continue to grow (a reward for the constant mastering of ego).

I am going to close with sharing a personal story: When my friend Bill left the body several years ago he came to visit me in a dream visitation shortly thereafter to let me know he was happily settled. In the visit he showed me his amazing new house etched into a hillside with a huge terraced pool that cascaded down into several more huge pools. I was blown away by the beauty and scale of the hillside pool and asked him “Bill! How big IS your pool?” And Bill’s reply was very matter of fact, “how big do you want it to be?”

Many blessings to you Patricia.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.