Question Asked In Meditation Leads to Funny Business

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Dear Laura,
My wife says I’m reading too much into this experience, but…

I bought a book on meditation. It said to ask a question during meditation so I asked if there was anyone really listening to me the first few times I practiced. Shortly after that I put my reading glasses down on our small round glass kitchen table – this was Thursday. I remembered putting them there and the entire table surface can be seen from any angle. Later that day I went to work on my computer and walked downstairs to get my glasses off the table. They weren’t there. My wife & I searched everywhere for them – under the table, on the floor, the chairs, etc., etc. We eat on this round glass table every evening & no glasses were there.

Did the same search on Friday & Saturday. No glasses. I was getting really annoyed with myself since I needed them to read my computer screen. On Sunday, I walked in from our back porch, and from 20 feet away I saw my GLASSES sitting on the round glass kitchen table just where I remembered putting them last Thursday! My wife was over at the kitchen sink. I said, “Where did you find my glasses?”. She said, “What glasses, what are you talking about?” I said, “Look on the table.” We were both blown away as we walked over to the table & there they were sitting right where I said I left them on the table. We live alone with just the two of us & my wife is NOT a jokester. Yet, even though she can’t explain this, she says I’m really reaching to suggest this is possibly an answer to my meditation question. Comments? T.

Hello T.,

I’ll keep this short and simple. You aren’t nuts. This is called bi-location or displacement of objects, when an object is literally ‘cloaked off’ or pulled into another dimension and becomes invisible to us. Guides, loved ones, and more on The Other Side can use it as a form of communication. I have had this same phenomenon many times, usually with the pen I was just using to write with. If you can let go of your human mind momentarily and then have a laugh of recognition acknowledging The Other Side, the object often releases back to you faster. You aren’t losing your marbles, and you aren’t reading too much into it. It is what it is: communication response to YOUR OWN request in the form of a displaced object. Pretty neat huh?


Laura Scott
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