Can We Be An Old Soul In One Realm Then Wander Around Here Lost?

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Dear Laura,
Can you be an “advanced, old soul” in the spirit realm having great abilities, knowledge and come to incarnate on earth and be like an infant, relying on intuition only and wondering what is this all about?

Dear Dorothy,

Yes and no. Certainly, all souls must go through the birth process here and develop through infancy…but as we begin to age, the veil slips down and basically we spend the rest of our lives remembering in bits and pieces the truth about who we really are. At least souls that are older are willing to ponder this, while younger souls will tell you, ” I never give it much thought.” Older souls can bring quite a bit of “unexplainable’ knowledge into their incarnations…like an interest and talent for exotic cooking, or a love or talent for languages–specific types of knowledge without any evidence of schooling or study in those subjects in this lifetime. Old souls also tend to chart more difficult paths for themselves, whether it’s through relationships, familial struggles, or more.

Laura Scott
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