What Is The Significance to Saying Amen After A Prayer?

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Dear Laura,
What is the significance of saying ‘Amen’ after a prayer? Do you have to say it, and if you don’t, does that mean your prayer wasn’t heard or that you are not being respectful?
Just curious,

Hello Heather,

Thank you for your questions. Amen has been used as an affirmation-both on it’s own and at the close of prayer- for hundreds and hundreds of years. Amen means “so be it” or “may it be so.” Depending on cultural and religious beliefs, it takes on varied other meanings as well. Saying Amen after a prayer is optional. For some it signifies release of the prayers to The Universe. For others it means, ‘Thank you!’ Others see it as an affirmation, like ‘Yes!” or “so be it.” It can be used as a blessing, a prayer closing, an expression of gratitude and more. Where, how, if, and when to use Amen is a personal choice. If you choose not to close a prayer with it, it does not mean that your prayers go unheard. God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, The Source…however you choose to name the Infinite Power that unites us all, is more concerned with your intention than your execution. So what matters most is what’s in your heart, not in the words you use to express it. Many Blessings to you Heather!

Laura Scott
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