Who to Contact to Reach a Deceased Loved One On A Budget?

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Dear Laura,
Who can I contact to reach my husband’s spirit, when I’m unable to pay for that particular type of service?
Thank you,

Dear Pam,

I am sorry for your loss. Try the Spiritualist churches. Often times during service messages are given freely to those attending. You may find yourself feeling drawn to one medium in particular as you sample different services and then you can inquire with them for some private assistance. You could also try approaching reputable mediums and asking if they offer hardship sessions or sessions on a sliding scale.

There are also some great resources available for meditating and contacting your loved one yourself. The Higher Purpose CD in the Ancient Stardust Tools for Change meditation series has been drawing in loved ones from The Other Side and creating quite a phenomenon.

Whatever you decide to do Pam, go gently. Make your decisions based on your own gut instincts-not just finances-and you will get greater results. The more relaxed you can be each day, the easier it is for your loved one to make their presence felt in your life.

Laura Scott
Laura Scott is an award-winning Channel, Healer, Mystic, Soul Specialist & published author. For 30 years her expert work has touched the lives of thousands around the globe, including doctors, lawyers, business executives, empaths, professionals, healers, HSP's, leaders, and good folks just like you.