Did I Do The Right Thing Euthanizing My Cancer Ridden Dog?

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Dear Laura,
I just happened on to your website as I was searching to find information about animal spirits after death. I am in the midst of grieving for my wonderful dog, Miya. I euthanised her two weeks ago as she was in so much pain from cancer. I know it was inevitable, and I had two months to ready myself. She was my heart, and I miss her terribly. When we did the euthanasia she was having a pretty good day, and so, she struggled during the procedure. I was with her and told her how much I loved her, but I fear her spirit was not ready to leave yet. I asked her to let me know she was all right but have not felt anything of her presence. I am struggling with the loss and with my choice. Is this all there is? Do I simply need to move through the grief and accept the loss of this companion?
Any thoughts would be welcome.

Dear S.S.,

I understand your pain. But euthanasia is not a bad thing S. You made the right choice, the kind choice, and you did the right thing for Miya. She was suffering in her overall quality of life and indeed, her pain was very great. Even if you had waited until the last possible moment to help her cross over she still would have struggled. She loved you very much and was quite aware of you and worried about whether or not you would be okay. Talk about great love!

Miya’s spirit is joyous and alive – bounding free in the meadow on The Other Side. She looks youthful and full of life. She is free from suffering. Animals do not have the same type of life review as us humans and quickly appear on The Other Side in their most glorious state.

Please get yourself some Rescue Remedy (available everywhere and always on sale via our HealthWave portal!) and take it regularly. It will help you with dealing with the grief and getting you over the shock and loss of your beloved, special friend. We are never prepared to lose someone we love. The most important thing to focus on is that Miya is no longer suffering. She is at peace. Keeping her here for even another day would have only been selfish.

Remember Miya in her good days, in the history of you and the chapters she shared. She is a permanent part of your life tapestry. A wonderful part. Move past her final days and deeper into the rich history you shared.

Our pets and companion animals love us unconditionally, and we grieve the loss of them every bit as much as we grieve for our human companions. Be gentle with yourself. You did the best you could for her; you did right by her.

In time, I hope you will be ready to have a new experience, a new chapter or two with a different animal companion. Miya will be happy to see you giving once again when you are ready. And I’m sure she’ll make her presence felt as she walks through your home and shows the new dog some of her old tricks! Big hug to you S.S.

Laura Scott
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