What Is From You And What Is From Guides During Session?

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Dear Laura,
I had a session with you a few months ago. I give the credit to you for helping me see myself in a different light. One question, though, the things you told me, are they your own thoughts or were you receiving messages on what to say? Thank you again, you have helped me more than you will ever know.

Hello Grateful,

Thank you for your heartfelt updates and comments. As a Psychic and Channel for Healing, I am always ‘receiving.’ Everything that comes through in a session is for the client and I speak and share information as I am being directed to. Sessions are a bit like dreams to me when they are over. If I am doing a good job, I am relaying info from The Committee, a room full of guides, Master Teachers, Angels, and more. My own personal thoughts are not relevant, unless I am being shown examples of how something at hand is similar to other life experiences, which helps me to better relay what is being asked of me. If I am not effectively relaying the message, or if The Committee feels it would be helpful to speak directly to the client, they will draw in closer and I move into a deeper state of trance. Don’t be confused by the pronouns; when I am in session, whatever comes through is being sent directly for you. If a particular guide would like to be identified by name, I gladly oblige, likewise if The Committee would like me to emphasize something from them. Namaste.