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What Is A Channel for Healing?

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Let’s talk about what a channel for healing is.  Over many decades. I’ve been asked occasionally why I call myself a channel for healing. Well, first and foremost, this is what my guides and The Committee (those Ascended Masters I channel) this is what they’ve always referred to me as.  It’s part of my soul’s energetic contract here in this life on earth.

Channels, as you know, are conduits. Some channels only receive information while those like myself are also wired to lift off or remove stressful depleting energy from people opening the doorway for further healing to come in. These are known as healing channels. That’s me.

So in other words, not only am I receiving information as a channel channeling the Ascended Masters, like The Committee. I’m also releasing energies as a healing channel as well. I’m able to work multi-dimensionally. Think of it as a sort of 10 D+ energy highway in my healing channel. 

In addition to the Masters telling me that this was part of my soul contract — early on, it began to get a little bit comical through a series of delicious synchronicities. When strangers would say just my presence made them feel better. Business people in meetings, other professionals and colleagues, intuitives mediums, psychics, healers, religious leaders, and so on. Individuals would reach out, thanking me for my insight and for my presence, whether I spoke or not.

Even if they didn’t know what I do for a living, they would thank me. For the comfort of my presence. The Universe is so awesome at how it shows us something, isn’t it? I was always meant to work in this type of service for God helping others. I still smile at that. It became so undeniable that I eventually surrendered, and got myself out of my own way.

Maybe you can relate to that as well. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to leave the cocoon of the chrysalis don’t we? So that just like the beautiful butterfly, we too can fly.

I believe that healing and the work of healers like myself is powerful. Whatever type: Biofield energy, healing, medicine, soul healing, or physical, spiritual, mental, etheric, Akashic—You name it.

Of course The Universe and the individual involved have their own important roles to play as well.

 In my client work, I serve as the conduit and Divine Catalyst for healing to occur. I’ve learned over the decades, that healing is so much more than my own limited initial earthly assumptions. Healing is really another word for Universal progress.

It’s so exciting that biofield energy medicine healing is now rapidly being quantified by science in a multitude of reputable well-regarded studies. And the quantitative truth is something my community has long known: We healers are beyond statistically significant. Heck some studies are showing us as over three times  statistically significant—that’s important validation of our work needed at such a momentous time here on earth. 

So, I’m excited that you’re here. That something led you here. Maybe it’s curiosity. Maybe you have a crisis that’s calling for healing, maybe it’s flickering bits of realizations.

Maybe you’re stirring your ancient startdust that we all have within.

Channeling healing of the soul involves balancing, supporting and integrating you as an individual. And that’s what I show up for every day as your Channel Healer, Mystic & Soul Specialist.

So how can I help support your healing today?

I look forward to working with you friend. Namaste.