Do Feng Shui Objects/Symbols, etc Need Cleansing?

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Dear Laura, I read your article about objects holding energy.

How about feng shui objects and symbols and even crystals? Since these items are considered lucky because of how they are molded and their meaning is also positive does that mean that it will only vibrate to positive vibes and frequencies? And cleansing is all it needs from time to time?

Hope you can help me with this thought of mine I’ve been researching. Mac

Hey Mac,

As I mentioned in that previous column, “All objects are made up of atoms and atoms contain energy.” Yes, this definitely includes any type of item including feng shui objects, symbols (as decorations) and even crystals. Consider how most folks, particularly when brick & mortar shopping, will select the nicest looking, best packaged or wrapped item from a group of similar when presented with a choice. Why? …Energy!

Even items produced for healing are subject to energy attractions. Just because something is branded as “lucky” or “healing” doesn’t always mean that its’ energy is pristine or was manufactured perfectly. Please be a wary consumer and clear your objects regularly since they can arrive with energy (manufacturing energy, shipping energy, delivery energy), and will continue to collect more energy.

One free, easy option is to simply hang or place them on a window sill during a full moon, letting the moon’s energy naturally draw off, clear and reenergize them. Another is to give them a dry or wet salt bath (depending on the objects) to clear.

Yes, even objects created for ‘positive purposes’ like the ones you’ve mentioned will do well over time with some form of energetic clearing and cleaning. This is to help them remain positively charged up and ready to keep doing their work. It’s especially important if the objects are being used in a healing space where others are coming to leave or shed stress energy. Keep the objects refreshed/reset/clear with your own ritual for good positive vibes—whether from yourself, the sun, moon, a mineral bath, or even a smokeless sage mist. Good question Mac! Thanks for asking! Namaste ~ LS