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What is a Channel?

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A channel is a conduit. In my case it means maintaining a space so that Ascended Masters like The Committee can come through in service of All. I work in service of The Light.

Channeling includes being in an altered state and having an altered sense of time.

To me—it feels like only a few minutes have passed, while in actuality— it may be closer to an hour or more!  You may have experienced forms of altered time yourself, while dreaming, or during deep meditation work!

Where does the person who’s channeling go while this is happening? From my perspective, it’s like gliding myself over to the side so that this Greater Good & Information of The Light can come in for you when you’re asking for assistance.

Some Channels regularly connect with specific Higher Ascended Beings on the other side, such as myself, channeling The Committee. Others channel randomly. And there’s also different levels of trance channeling.

I’ve been working professionally as an expert in this field MANY decades now. Although I may sound somewhat ‘normal’ in reading sessions, my clients understand that I am altered and often have no awareness of time.

If I choose to go even deeper into trance, my voice and appearance will change. I typically only allow The Committee to do deep trance work with me.

Right after a session—my memory of what’s just transpired begins to fade rapidly. Sometimes this happens so fast that I have no recollection of who I just spoke with just moments prior.  

Channeling involves a different type of a relationship with The Other Side.

The Committee is a specific group of Ascended Masters I channel from beyond the Pleiades. They work with me to assist souls in their journey here on this earthly plane. They come in to assist and support us. And they’re always with me when I work. Often, they refer to me as ‘The Vessel’.  That always makes me smile!

When I began my professional career many decades ago, I would need to go into a deep trance in order to channel The Committee. What’s evolved over three decades and many thousands of readings— is that They’re with me all the time. We work together, in union. I let them work both with me and through me, Deep trance channeling when needed.

They are ever near me during all reading work, often discussing the questions clients bring and relaying answers for me to pass to my clients. They will offer suggestions on what needs to shift slightly to remove or improve a client’s energy flow or to dissolve their personal road blocks, supporting me as a Soul Specialist and Healer on your behalf.

Channeling The Committee is a gift which helps me to support souls like you in meaningful, up-leveling ways during your times of need. As a channel, healer, mystic and soul specialist—I feel blessed to be part of this team.

I look forward to working with you & seeing your ancient stardust shine!   Namaste!