Why Do Some Souls Choose Such Difficult Paths?

Why Do Some Souls Choose Such Difficult Paths?

Dear Laura,
What is the current explanation for why this life is so miserable for so many people (Rwanda, Haiti, Sudan, and inner city ghettos everywhere, etc) while others appear to have a much easier time? I’m asking this question with the supposition that we make pre-birth agreements and choose our existences. What could be the point to such disease and destruction?

Hello Brian.

This is a good series of questions and I want to thank you for asking them. Believe it or not, all souls do preselect their life themes, regions of the world, time of existence here on earth and more. The people in the areas you mentioned have truly chosen a most difficult path with much suffering. It certainly does make some of us wonder: Why?

Why not chose an easier path? What are the benefits to living a life so limited by sheer survival? The answers are manyfold. When souls come into the earth plane we preselect themes to work on. These themes take many various forms in many varied scenarios. There are themes that involve poverty (which all of the areas you listed suffer from), as well as themes that involve fallibility, suffering, strife, patience, victim and more. There are also themes that involve justice, performance, aesthetics, intellectuality, temperance and the list goes on.

What we pre-chose for ourselves to experience and why is a soul’s personal decision. Deciding to come in to a more challenging existence is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. The commonality is that we are all here to learn and to grow, and in doing so-just by existing, so many of these themes also serve to teach the rest of us some bigger lessons.

Remember, we are ALL part of a larger matrix. And this larger matrix is ultimately designed to help us on our journey to learn and to grow. We are here to work on ourselves, but beyond that we absolutely impact each other-whether we consciously know it or not.

Souls who chose to come into areas of the world that are suffering from drought, disease, famine, oppression, war, and more, are not only working on their own individual lessons and soul growth, but they are also providing a unique service to the rest of us as well. Their existence is an opportunity to remind the rest of the world to stretch our thoughts outside of ourselves: to awaken ourselves to be more compassionate, more appreciative, more concerned, and more grateful.

The souls who choose these types of difficult paths in suffering or struggling areas of the world invite the rest of us to raise our awareness and participate in raising the level of humanity and existence. Have you noticed how when souls in these regions look at us with eyes as big as wells that they speak to the very heart of our souls?

Some of us will receive that message and ask ourselves, how we can help? We will search our hearts, minds, and resources for answers. Others will not. It is all part of a larger journey and picture. Souls who chose to incarnate into these traumatized areas of the world are offering to not only do their own individual soul work but to help inspire humanity to do some of theirs as well.

This creates an invitation for those that ‘can’ to ‘do.’ Whether by speaking up, praying, helping to create policy, being more compassionate, making a donation, or making a personal commitment to view the world as the interconnected place it truly is… When we begin to understand that we ARE all in it together, we elevate our soul vibrations. We connect ourselves with a harmonic resonance that has the power to change the world.

You might be wondering if there is a reward for souls choosing a more difficult life path over others. Yes, there is…it’s the true satisfaction-once they are back on The Other Side of course-from knowing that their existence (however awful at the time) helped to contribute in the shifting of consciousness on earth for the better.

Lastly, it is interesting and important to note that many souls in less fortunate and at times atrocious circumstances somehow still manage to let their light shine. They have faith, hope, courage, resilience, and even offer us up a smile. It sure does give the rest of us a chance to wonder just what is it that we have to complain about-doesn’t it? Namaste.

Ancient Stardust