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What Is A Soul Specialist?

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Along with being a Channel, Healer & Mystic, I’m a Soul Specialist. It’s one of my superpowers. I have an extraordinary gift of being able to see 360 degrees in your soul chart, connecting multidimensional dots of information.  Think of me, like your cosmic, switchboard connector, helping you to level up. 

My clients have called my work life-changing! I help folks just like you to navigate life better. 

I can help you to learn to use your life themes to navigate your heart-centered journey. To discover how your past lives impact your present soul work. To make more empowered choices in your relationships, career, and health. 

I can show you why you chose these experiences or some of the most challenging people and the most exquisite ones in your life. And help you understand what your soul hopes to gain from them. I can help show you when to avoid entanglements of energy. And how to spot the healthier ones for your soul. 

I support you in knowing the best ways to lift, and not just for you, you can ask me about your partner, your children, your career, your health, your coworkers, you name it.  Is it a get-out-of-life card? nooooo it’s more like a get into a better groove of life card-where you level UP!

Your soul’s life themes, challenge points—strengths, relationships the past and the present—ALL this juicy stuff intersects at your healing!

As a Soul Specialist, I can quickly access info for life-changing and soul shifting… giving you powerful insights on how to make adjustments for your unique soul’s best future—so that you can up-level!

My clients ask questions and I provide DETAILED answers.

I use all my superpowers to assist you.

I love showing you how something may inter-relate with your soul work as well as what to adjust or how to use which Universal Laws in that situation to help your soul level up and shine more.  We need your soul shine—that’s your sweet spot, where your superpowers are!

As a Soul Specialist, I can look deeper and further—so that you’re able to navigate better. I LOVE my work. Seeing you shine and live more luminously… well that’s why I’m here all these decades… To help.  

So what led you here?…are you looking to level up?

I look forward to meeting you.