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Who is ‘The Committee’?

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Hi, I’m Laura Scott. I channel The Committee. They often refer to me as “the vessel.” That always makes me smile.

The Committee is a group of Ascended Beings known as Masters coming together from beyond the Pleiades on The Other Side. They work in service of God and all that is. Offering insight and understanding for our soul’s growth. My first contact with these Masters occurred during a channeling session many decades ago.

For several weeks prior, I’d been feeling energetically pestered. So, with the help of a colleague, I went into a meditation and immediately hit a deep trance channeling state for the very first time. I went into meditation and it was like a rush of fresh, clean air, as I discovered the highest truth about myself and why I’m here.

I learned I’m here to work in service as a channel for healing; Specializing in the work of the soul. To do this. I apply my innate supercharged, empathic, intuitive, and super psychic skills. Working as a Mystic, Healer & a Channel. I’m a Soul Specialist.   

The Committee reawakened in me, something from The Other Side and confirmed what I’d only considered in glimpses or as unfinished thoughts. They told me my truths. And treated me like an old friend coming back into the fold, urging me on to assume my role.

The clear image that The Committee gave me that day was how we humans often feel that our problems are insurmountable. As if we are staring up at a huge towering wall with our heads and bodies tipped back, as far as we can go. However, then the image changed. And that wall began to morph and be reduced down to the size of a small, manageable curb.

Then, They gently took my hand, and assisted… telling me as everything shifted…to simply lift my foot over the curb.

This metaphoric lesson is what the Ascended Masters known as The Committee come to do in session for my clients. They come to assist us on the earth plane to help us to view our problems as more manageable curbs that we can lift our foot over. They use humor, patience, compassion, Grace, and wisdom. All while teaching important lessons of the soul, universal laws, and tenants that weave it all together. These Ascended Masters stretch us beyond how we see things or how we believe things are supposed to be.

They help us grow.

The Committee and I are regularly connected now. I swiftly relay their words and messages with little memory of what’s happening. If I go into deep trance, they will come and speak directly with my client. And when this happens, my voice speaking style, body and energy alters even more significantly.

When The Committee speaks, They always do so with utmost love and support. Ascended Masters work directly with All that Is. They are in alignment with the God Force. They’re here for our assistance and support. They’re fully versed in the saga of being human. And the pratfalls of our ongoing ego adventures.

They know how to help us with compassion and candid insight that goes straight past the clutter. And into the heart of the center. Where real change happens. That’s where our souls grow.

If you are looking for more in your Akashic readings and the larger connecting of the dots for your soul, then that’s a reason why you might want to come here for a reading session.

These are things that I do regularly with my clients as a Channel, Healer, Mystic & Soul Specialist. 

Perhaps you’re ready to refocus, reframe, reclaim, and re-imagine your power. We do a lot of up-leveling work here at My clients often call my work Life-changing. The Committee is an integral part of what I do, and those I serve. I am deeply honored and grateful for Their continued presence in my life. Reminding us all of the exquisite light and magnificent ancient stardust we come from.

I look forward to meeting you!