Fears of Meditating

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Hi Laura,
I have a fear of meditating. Any ideas why?
Thank You,

Hello Carol,

This is more common than people realize and the reason why I created the Meditation Simplified downloadable which is an easy live class recording FULL of tips and tools to help inspire and support, as well as and the Ancient Stardust Tools for Change downloadables to help and inspire the people that I hear from everyday from around the globe.

There are actually a lot of everyday things you can do which count towards meditation! Our Soul Work sometimes gets triggered just thinking of the subject. On the Grounding and Centering Meditation downloadable I also explain why people have difficulty with meditation, and the keys to doing it successfully. There are so many great apps now, along with some great guided meditations with wonderful music that will help you through the process and leave you feeling renewed and inspired.

The main thing to realize is that you are not alone, and there are MANY ways to meditate (including counting, folding laundry and doing the dishes!) …so deep breaths! You are safe! And find the ways that most comfortable for you.