Is My Friend Speaking To Spirit Or Having Mental Health Issues?

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Dear Laura,
I have a friend, he claims a spirit comes to him at night and speaks through him. This spirit tells him that he wants to come back to earth and that he can do so by finding someone who loves him here on earth. My friend is now on a quest to find this soul a friend to meet and hopefully fall for.

Can this really happen? Sure I have heard of spirits coming into someone’s body, speaking to their loved ones through a medium… but coming back? If it were that easy wouldn’t all of them be trying to do this?

My worries are that my friend has a mental issue… yet he has told me things that he claims this spirit tells him that truly no one would know about. I am scared because I do not know what to do.


Dear Confused,

Going solely on what you have written and without knowing your friend I would say that you have reason to be concerned. There is a legitimate soul scenario known as a ‘walk-in’ where by prior arrangement or new agreement souls will trade places, similar in some ways to selling your car to someone else. Doreen Virtue has written about this and I suggest that you read up quickly.

The key difference between what you have described and a more classic ‘walk-in’ transference is that you are saying that your friend is acting as a broker to find a willing body other than himself for this spirit to inhabit. That is concerning because a ‘walk-in’ arrangement is made solely between the two parties involved. The Laws of the Universe do not encourage or support outside parties acting as brokers for soul work. In order for a ‘walk-in’ scenario to take place, there must be mutual understanding and consent. Either your friend is mistaking the spirits request to exchange with him, or he is being influenced to act in what could potentially be an unsafe and dangerous way.